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Christianity in America: The 73% Lie

Thursday, March 26, 2015 @ 7:44 AM
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Last week, I wrote a Christian persecution article, stating plainly that America is no longer a Christian nation.  That’s a statement I still stand by.  My intention was not to say that America never was a Christian nation, or that it could not be again.  Simply put, America, as she sits right now, is no longer a Christian nation. 

I got friction from both sides of the debate, which basically assures me that I at least got close to my target.  I will always try to make you think.  As Christians, we have to know what we are, and Who we represent.  Our message is at conflict with the world, and if we ever agree, then something is wrong with our testimony. 

One of my favorite responses is the parroted talking point, that 70+% of America identifies as Christian.   That sounds like a big number.  It only makes sense that America would have a Christian majority as we were founded by Christian men around Christian principles.   The verdict is in on that decision, so discussion is useless.  No matter how some try to rewrite history, the fact remains the same.  Yes, you have the absolute right to worship however or whoever, or no one if you so choose.  That does not change the fact that originally, America was founded on Christian principles.

I wish that statistic was true.    I only wish that 70% of America were truly Christian.  Mind you, I don’t mean that you say you are Christian, that you are Christian in leaning, or that you have Christian viewpoint.    I also don’t mean that just because you go to church, that you are a Christian.  Going to church makes you no more a Christian than standing in a McDonald’s makes you a Big Mac.

 Being a follower of Christ, the basic definition of Christian, is much more complex that church attendance.  Walking in a daily relationship with Christ requires time, effort, work, and sincerity.  What good is it, to call yourself a Christian, and not actively work to be in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ?  I was in a meeting recently and we were talking about authenticity.  In trying to make a point about this I said that I can just as easily say that I am a giraffe as a Christian.  Though, with close examination you can pretty quickly determine that I am not a giraffe. 

“Whoa now!  You are judging!  Jesus told us not to judge…cast the first stone…etc.”  So often now, to offer any opposing opinion makes you a judge-er.  I have never really understood this.  When my daughter starts toward a light socket, I immediately begin to warn her of danger.  Even though there are child protection measures in place, I want her to know that if she continues in the direction she is going, she can be harmed. 

Christians get a bad rap when we use the word “sin.”  Anytime you mention sin, you see people start to curl up in resistance.  And yes, that’s even in the church.  You see, we are ALL guilty of sin.  “There is no one righteous, not even one.”   (Romans 3:10)  To pretend that we are not guilty is a fallacy.  Most mornings, I can barely make it to work without getting frustrated at another driver.  I get frustrated with co-workers when logic is not used, or when they don’t heed my technological advice.  The reason?  I am a sinful man.  I am guilty of pride, anger, stubbornness, and many other sins.  I am an imperfect man.  That is why I know that Jesus Christ is real.  That is why I am a follower of Christ.  Does that make me perfect?  Absolutely not.  As a matter of fact, being a Christian first means accepting the fact that without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are doomed.  I will warn you, I don’t think everyone gets to go to “heaven”.  I know that by modern definitions, that makes me a radical.  Unfortunately, the words of Christ in Matthew 7:13 seem to back me up. 

So, let’s look at that 73% point for a second.  As conservatives, we like to tout that things used to be better in the old days.  Was America 73% Christian in 1973?  Most from the conservative camp would thump their chests and declare “Yes!”   So to that I ask, how can you explain Roe v. Wade?  Please tell me how the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that murdering a child is a right.  Yes, I said murder.  That is what abortion is.  To call abortion anything else, is an attempt to whitewash the sin involved, to make ourselves feel better.  To the potential abortive mother, I encourage you to see that sonogram before you make your decision.  Allow your conscience to tell you if that is a living being or not.  I remember the sonogram of my little girl.  There was nothing more amazing to me than to see her develop each week.  To the post-abortive mother, there is redemption in Christ Jesus.  Your sin is no greater than mine.  And if he can welcome home a prodigal such as me, there is enough grace to call you home too.  There will never be enough sin in this world, to outweigh the grace in Jesus Christ.

If America is 73% Christian, how do you explain the divorce statistics?  Sure, we can say that they are not as high in the Church.  And in active dedicated Christians, they aren’t.  I’m not talking about statistics though.  I’m talking about outreach.  How many of you reading this had grandparents that were married their whole lives?  I would guess a large majority.  Parents still married (if alive)?  I would guess a large number.  The sexual revolution in America basically said that whatever you want goes.  If you aren’t happy, break up.  You became the arbiter of everything in your life.  Morality was based around your decision.  You became God, at least in your own mind.  The problem with divorce statistics is that it doesn’t show the true cause.  It’s not money, or sex, or jobs, but the lack of reliance on God.  On His plan for your marriage.  To the divorced, there is more love and forgiveness in Christ than there will ever be sin in this world. 

Lastly, if America is 73% Christian, how do you explain organizations that are hell-bent (both figuratively and literally) on destroying Christianity in America? Not giving voice to others mind you but actively seeking to take away the free expression of Christians.  Growing up, the little town I was from always put a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn.  There was no persecution, no call to repent, it was simply a reflection of the Christian nature of the community I grew up in.  Those who weren’t Christian weren’t made to look at it, nor be involved in setting it up or putting it up.  They still came to the Christmas parade and were involved in society without being beaten with a Bible.  Many organizations are now actively campaigning for the destruction of Christianity.  I would list their names, but I’ll let you do some research yourself.  That way, there can be no accusations of me swaying your opinion.  Those who tear down the name of Jesus Christ, know that Christ still loves you, still died for you, and used one just like you to write 2/3 of the New Testament.

If America is 2/3 Christian, then we are a poor representation of our Savior.  We are a sad reflection of what Christ is.  We allow evil into our daily lives far too often.  In an effort to not offend anyone, we offend Christ the most.  We can claim the name “Christian” if we want, but will our proclamation hold up to scrutiny?

“Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (Matthew 7:22)


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