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Superpower Glasses

Monday, April 27, 2015 @ 10:16 AM
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Teddy James Writer, AFA Journal MORE


 Seeing Through the Lens of Salvation

Growing up I was fascinated with glasses and the people who wore them. I thought wearing glasses would be the best thing in the world. Not because they made people look smart, which they absolutely did, but because whoever wore them could see the world in two very different ways. 

Being young with perfect vision, I didn’t understand that one way was blurry and could cause headaches or impair driving, among other things. All I was concerned about was a person’s superpower ability to see the world one way with his glasses on and another way with his glasses off. 

Salvation is like putting on a pair of perfectly prescribed, perfectly fitted glasses. Before salvation we saw our lives, our purpose, and our world as fuzzy. There was very little in our vision that was defined. And just like a child who needs glasses but doesn’t know it, we didn’t know there was anything wrong with us until the Holy Spirit began His work of conviction in our hearts. Up to that point, we thought everyone saw things the way we did. 

But through salvation, we begin to see Christ as our treasure. We clearly see our sins and our continual reliance on the gospel. We see the fallen nature of man in high definition and know how deep the need for salvation is. 

Not only does this change the way we see the world and ourselves, it also changes the way we see people who still have blurred vision. 

Imagine you spent years nearly blind, but you received an eye surgery from a skilled physician who gave you sight. While walking down a sidewalk one day, someone bumps into you. He squints his eyes, trying to see you better. You realize he is just like you were. Your kneejerk reaction wouldn’t be anger. It would be empathy because you remember what it was like. Instead of yelling at him, you would tell him about the doctor who corrected your vision. You might even walk him to the front door of the doctor’s office. 

In the Christian life, it’s a once blinded person telling another blind person Who can restore sight. 

This isn’t to make light of areas where the Christian worldview and various secular worldviews collide. Seeing the world through a humanist lens can and has led to terrifying conclusions. It has led to seeing a preborn child as nothing but a lump of cells. It has led to seeing sex as physical act devoid of any meaning. It has led to the belief that the universe and life in it happened by chance, accident, or luck.   

Christians can argue these issues with the lost till the end of time. But if we convert the entire pro-abortion crowd to be pro-life, if we convince every American citizen that marriage is only for one man and one woman for life, if we persuade classrooms everywhere the universe was designed and human beings were formed by an intelligent Creator, yet care less about the blindness they were born in, we have failed. 

While each of those issues is important, none are of utmost importance. The most important is that Jesus Christ came to earth, lived a sinless life, died for every one of our failures, and offers us new eyes through which to see Him, the world, and ourselves. 

So while we are fighting the good fight and discussing these important topics, let’s keep our eyes focused on the cross and never lose perspective on what is most important.

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