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Friday, June 19, 2015 @ 7:52 AM A Home for Him ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Attorney General Sessions needs to hear from you

In August, Judge Reed O'Connor of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas blocked President Barack Obama's transgender bathroom directive. The Obama Administration appealed that decision to the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans. The good news is that, over the weekend, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice withdrew the appellate motion filed by the Obama administration. This means that Judge O'Connor's ruling will likely stand. This is a victory for our children's safety and the rule of law.

Thank Attorney General Sessions for this action to protect our children's privacy and safety.

Related to this radical attempt by the Obama administration is the retail chain Target’s decision last April. Target announced it was allowing men who felt like women into female restrooms and changing facilities. Target’s policy undermines the privacy and safety of women and children. Men don't belong in the same changing area as women. For this reason, AFA launched the #BoycottTarget campaign which has been immensely successful by garnering nearly 1.5 million signatures of individuals who will no longer be shopping at Target until they reverse this misguided policy.

This recent action by the Department of Justice sends a signal that policies like Target’s should not be pushed on American families, much less America’s children. The #BoycottTarget movement is making a difference. We must let Attorney General Sessions know that we appreciate his department’s actions.

Thank Attorney General Sessions for this bold action to protect America’s schoolchildren.

Your effort in signing this petition will not go unnoticed. We must speak up if we are going to protect our children.


Thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for withdrawing from President Obama's transgender bathroom directive.


I grew up in a home where the Word of God was not taught. Alcoholism, abuse, and sex, along with many other things, were glorified in our home. The few things that I did learn about God were distorted. 

Through His great kindness, the Lord saved me three years ago. Now that I truly know Him, I have a hunger to raise my children in a godly way. I so desire for them to know God and His Word. I want them to know for themselves the characteristics of God and how to recognize and repent from sin in their lives. 

But this isn’t easy considering the world we live in. That’s why the home is central to raising godly children. But is our home – better yet, are our hearts as parents – in a condition conducive to teaching our little ones to love Him? 

In an effort to answer this question, we must look deep within our own lives, as people and as parents. 

Are we turning a blind eye to the entertainment industry and the way it affects our own lives, our children, our families, and our home? We may fool ourselves by thinking our children are too young to understand what they hear us listen to and see us watch. Perhaps we think all they understand is that mommy and daddy’s music has a fun beat to dance to or mommy and daddy’s TV shows sure make them laugh. But what are our entertainment choices doing to point our children to the kingdom of God? What our children watch, hear, see and read plants a seed in their hearts that in time will be harvested. Do you desire for the harvest to be harmful or fruitful? We should watch, listen, hear and read that which is pleasing to God and by example encourage our children to follow suit. 

So ask the Lord to convict you about your entertainment choices, and ask him to reveal to you just how much your entertainment does affect you and your children. 

Also, we need to be careful about the company we keep and the company we allow our children to keep. Those people we spend large amounts of time around will influence us either for the good or the bad. This doesn’t mean we are to separate ourselves from unbelievers. But as parents we are to be careful and intentional about the people who surround our children, especially when they are young and impressionable. We are to protect them. 

After all, we are responsible for our children and our homes. What we allow to enter our homes will either fuel the Holy Spirit or Satan. There is no middle ground, no void space. 

So what can we do as parents to foster a home environment that points children to Christ? Here are a few practical suggestions that I’m attempting to apply in my own home. I encourage you to consider them, as well. 

  • Spend time in the Word and let your children see you doing so.
  • Examine your heart; ask the Lord to show you your sin and give you the power to repent from it.
  • Be real with your children; put away an image of perfectionism and show them your need for Christ.
  • Ask the Lord to fill you with knowledge of Scripture and with wisdom.
  • Ask the Lord to give you a passion for Him.
  • Ask the Lord to guide you in raising your children.
  • Pray Scripture over your children.
  • Teach your children to pray.
  • Teach them the difference between humility and entitlement.
  • Evaluate your home; is it full of peace, unity and joy, or strife, division and confusion?
  • Create an atmosphere of worship in your home.
  • Acknowledge and respect the authority God has over your home.
  • Be intentional.
  • Give your children – through word and deed – numerous reasons to treasure Christ. 

I encourage you to join me in actively training our children in the ways of the Lord. This can be a learning process for a new believer as well as for a seasoned believer who has not been applying such in his life and home. The process may be uncomfortable at times, but it’s worth it. 

Rely on the Holy Spirit to make the necessary changes in your home, and through it all, watch God impact your life, your family, your community, and your world for His glory!

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