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I Am Potential

Thursday, July 30, 2015 @ 2:31 PM
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Stacy Singh Writer - AFA Journal MORE

School starts back in a few weeks, and the season for summer blockbusters is winding to an end. But, in viewing the latest Hollywood flicks, have you seen all the new releases worth seeing? Some smaller, faith-based productions also graced the big screens this summer, and more were released on DVD. Check out for reviews on some of this year’s Christian films. 

If you did miss seeing some of the season’s best Christian films in theater, don’t give up on them yet. A few may still be in a nearby theater, and it’s never too late to order a DVD copy to watch with the family. In fact, the latest movie from American Family Studios, a division of American Family Association, is still opening in theaters as of today. The movie titled I Am Potential is based on the true-life story of Patrick Henry Hughes, who was born without eyes and unable to walk but dreamed of joining a marching band. The unfolding dynamic between Patrick Henry Hughes and his father, who had dreamed of raising an athlete in his son, reminds viewers of the value of every person’s God-given potential. The official trailer and more information for the film can be viewed at 

The film is currently showing in limited theaters, having just opened in Tupelo, Mississippi, and just left theaters in Louisville, Kentucky. It can also be seen in theater in Evansville, Indiana. Hopefully, one of those theaters will be within reach so it can be experienced on the big screen. The DVD, which will be released in November, can be preordered now from the AFA Store

Don’t stop with watching or buying the film, though. Take the next step. Share it, respond to it, and let it impact your life. A nationwide survey by Propeller, a marketing service for faith-based films, found that those who go to see faith-based films are highly engaged with the Christian films they watch. For example, the faith-based moviegoer doesn’t buy just one ticket to a movie. They watch it again and again, likely bringing others to watch it as well, because they believe in the mission of the film. Also, faith-based moviegoers are more active on social media: 90% of faith-based moviegoers are active on Facebook compared to 70% of U.S. adults on average. This makes a great opportunity to use social media platforms to share and support Christian productions. Finally, faith-based moviegoers are personally impacted by the films. Many are led to make a faith commitment or return to church. 

So, again, find out how to see the new Christian films you don’t want to miss. My recommendation is to include I Am Potential on that list. But after you’ve seen it and enjoyed it, don’t just shelve it. Invite others to watch, or gift movie tickets and/or DVD copies. Interact on social media, share it, like it, comment on it, tweet it. And, finally, be ready for it to have a personal impact, and then act on that. 

In fact, do that now. Here’s a first step for action. If you have seen the movie and are active on Facebook, visit the I Am Potential Movie page, and leave feedback about your reaction to the film. If you haven’t seen the film yet, visit the page anyway, and find out what others are saying. Besides that, comment here. Share the impact. Let’s get started: 

Have you seen I Am Potential? What did you think about it? 

Or, what has been your favorite Christian movie of the year?

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