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And Justice for None

Friday, January 29, 2016 @ 9:03 AM
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Jeremy Wiggins Producer/Talk Radio MORE

Planned Parenthood made headlines last summer after being exposed for having been involved in the trafficking of baby body parts through a series of undercover videos. The organization denies any such actions or wrong doings, despite the video evidence that suggests otherwise. 

The Center for Medical Progress, headed up by David Daleiden, is responsible for the videos. Daleiden and his group, over the course of approximately 8 years of undercover work, released a series of videos in which Planned Parenthood associates, staff members, clinic workers, and others, seemed to haggle over prices, describe changing of abortion procedures, and suggest ways to hide these activities, all of which is illegal. 

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, has gone on record stating that the videos were “heavily edited”, and her statements have been repeated by Congressmen and women, several political pundits, and even presidential hopefuls. Despite these claims, an investigation in the state of Texas took place, and the evidence was presented before a grand jury. 

The Houston Chronicle reports that

The probe began after the Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group run by Daleiden, released footage of the Houston clinic as part of a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials casually discussing the methods and costs of preserving fetal tissue for scientific research. That prompted allegations that the organization was profiting off of tissue -- an allegation that was never proven -- and sparked calls for an investigation from Gov. Greg Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton and others. 

This is where the insanity takes over. 

Instead of going after an industry giant (who exists solely for the purpose of murdering babies) for selling baby body parts and reaping a massive profit, a Texas grand jury has instead decided to indict the people behind the exposé. 

LifeSiteNews is reporting that

Daleiden and Merritt were charged with one felony related to tampering with a governmental record and a misdemeanor count for violating the Texas statute on human organ trafficking for allegedly offering to buy fetal tissue. 

What is going on here? Those who sought to bring justice for the little ones who have been slaughtered on the altar of Molech and had their limbs and organs sold for profit are now being charged with the crime? But it gets even worse: 

The felony charge was in reference to the use of a fake ID. If convicted, Daleiden faces 20 years in prison while Planned Parenthood officials face no legal consequences for their actions. 

So Planned Parenthood gets off without so much as a slap on the wrist, and the people who sought to shine the light into what many rightly consider the darkest corner of our country are the ones who now face 20 years in prison. 

However, the greater question that remains unanswered is how can someone be guilty of searching to buy baby body parts if there are no baby body parts being sold? 

Planned Parenthood, of course, did a victory lap also recorded in the Houston Chronicle: 

"It's great news because it demonstrates what we have said from the very beginning, which is that Planned Parenthood is following every rule and regulation, and that these people came into our buildings under the guise of health when their true intentions were to spread lies," said the spokeswoman, Rochelle Tafolla. "We're glad that these extremists have been indicted for breaking the law." 

This is what happens when we live in an Isaiah 5:20 society, where evil is embraced as good, and good is degraded as being an extremist point of view. Are we really living in a time and country wherein those who expose evil are criminals, while those who are caught in the act of bartering for the unborn’s organs illegally are somehow vindicated? 

Like most stories revolving around Planned Parenthood, this one also goes deeper and darker.  Apparently, Operation Rescue has informed LifeNews that a board member of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, the PP under investigation that kicked this whole thing off, is also a prosecutor in the district where this is taking place: 

Lauren Reeder is a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s criminal family law division. Reeder is listed as a non-compensated “Director” on the 990 Tax Form for 2014 filed by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. 

Anderson told the Houston Chronicle that Reeder “will not be involved in any manner in this investigation. If at any time in the future, reliable and credible information is brought to my attention that would question our ability to continue to perform a fair, thorough and independent investigation of this matter due to her board membership, I will revisit the issue of seeking the appointment of an independent prosecutor and act accordingly.” 

If an indictment stands against the Center for Medical Progress, it could be a dangerous precedent set in the courts, which could have some serious unintended consequences. Namely, undercover or investigative journalism could effectively be over in the United States. Think about it: If a journalist is investigating a crime, they could now be held responsible for the crime. Center for Medical Progress attempted to investigate the selling of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood, and they are now being charged with attempting to purchase baby body parts.

The only solution for America at this point is a complete and utter surrender to God, and a repentance of our national sin of abortion. We have seen that putting our trust in politicians and courts has done nothing but fail us time and time again. We must now put our trust in the only agent of change that is capable of saving us, and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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