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Walk the Jesus Trail: Day 2

Thursday, March 24, 2016 @ 10:33 AM
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Dr. David Smith David Smith, M.D. Guest Blogger who is also a practicing family doctor MORE

The sore shoulders and backs of the night before having been relieved, we looked forward to the blessings of another day on the Jesus Trail. Just as our Lord used His creation surrounding Him to explain Himself, we would learn about Him from what we walked on, walked through, and from the plants on our way from Cana to Kibbutz Lavi. 

After a sumptuous breakfast at the Cana Guest House some of our group were more sluggish and would have rather taken a nap than start hiking again.  However we trudged continually uphill for quite a while before getting to the top of the mountainous forest ridge.  There were beautiful views of the valley below. Fortunately, the sore muscles of my upper shoulder had gotten to feeling much better after resting the evening before and my wife showed me how to put the backpack on myself properly so it would rest on my pelvis instead of my shoulders. The rest of the trip was much better! The weather was pleasant without the rain of the previous day and there was ample wind which made it perfect for hiking. 

We had a wonderfully muddy, large waterway to traverse. After getting under the road, we made our way up a hill and got to see the remains of the Via Maris which our guide, Amer, stated that less than 0.1% of tourists ever see due to it being off the routine paths and bus routes. We found old pieces of pottery out in a field there that had been harrowed up and then went across to rest for a moment and discussed the parable of the soils as taught by Christ.  It was the perfect setting with the broken field combined with rocky areas with thistles (which I might add were the meanest looking thistles I've ever seen), and the fertile soil areas. 

The trail eventually led us to a Jewish cemetery where we also saw a Holocaust memorial next to it. Behind the Holocaust memorial was an old olive press (see below) still there in the ground (see Illustration 3) and we saw how the olives were pressed and processed years ago. Three presses of the olives occurred with the first press always being taken to the priest as a sacrifice, the second for human consumption, and the third for use with lamps for lighting. 

After traveling further, we made to the Kibbutz Lavi hotel before dark. Kibbutz Lavi is one of very few religious Jewish kibbutzim in Israel. The Jewish staff served a kosher buffet that was just wonderful after having walked all day.  It was a great way to finish the day.

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