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A Talk With God

Friday, November 03, 2017 @ 01:11 PM A Talk With God Don Wildmon Founder MORE


Hello, God.   

First, let me say that we appreciate all you have done for us since life began. You gave us guidance and help during our growing up period. You taught us about love and family and so many other good things. You really tried, but sometimes effort doesn’t count. Times change, and now is the time for us to make a break from you. 

God, we don’t want to hurt your feelings, but we don’t need you anymore. You really made a mess of things when you created us. However, we now have the knowledge and resources to clean up that mess.   

Remember the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you told Adam and Eve about in the beginning? You told them not to eat that fruit. But they did. And so are we. In fact, we are not only eating it, we are having a feast! And it tastes great! 

We are in the process of developing scientific knowledge to make humans live hundreds of years. Scientists are close to extending human life to 200 or 300 years. Who knows, in the future, we might live as long as Methuselah. And we can now create life, God. Using cloning, we are going to produce the perfect man. No disease. No deformities. Perfect, God.

We can even mix humans and animals to get the best of both. We can create the super race and then create a slave race to do our work. All we’re doing is what you should have done many centuries ago. So we’re going to finish the job you started – and do it right this time. We’ll produce non-violent beings that think like we think and do what we say. They will be whatever we want them to be.   

Family? We’ve redefined it. No more one man, one woman stuff. We’re free of the old moral constraints. Now family may be two men or two women. Three men and one woman. Three women. Any combination will be OK. No more nasty divorce. No more of this foolish commitment for a lifetime. You just don’t get it, God. You never did. 

And God, we’ve created very effective means of changing the thinking of humans. We have media mills on the East Coast and the West Coast, and they do a great job. We have our people in Hollywood and in the news media.   

We can now build a perfect world. 

Morals? We will determine those from now on. Your old set didn’t work. They were too confining, too restrictive. Did you ever notice that the rules you gave Moses were all so negative? We’re now more enlightened than you, and we understand what morals are best. That’s another issue we can best determine for ourselves. 

In fact, we have already eliminated your wrongheaded rules about sex. God, you made such a big deal about that, but sex is nothing more than another activity. So we have removed the limits you placed on it.   

To be honest, God, you made a mess of things when you were creating. Now we have to clean up your mess. 

What’s that, God? Oh, we aren’t worried about the institutional church. They are more concerned about the institution than the church. They spend their time keeping themselves going and don’t have time to hinder us. It is no threat. In fact, we can even use the institutional church for our purposes. 

How’s that? A remnant of those faithful to you? Yes, God, that’s about all you have left in the church. 

To put it bluntly, God, we really don’t need you anymore.


Modern Man 

Editor’s Note: From the late 1970s through 2010, Don Wildmon, founder and president emeritus of American Family Association, wrote hundreds of monthly columns for AFA Journal. Thirty-one of his best columns are now available in a recently published collection titled Our Call to Faithfulness: The Voice and Legacy of Don Wildmon. These columns represent his timeless wisdom and insight and are now being published weekly on The Stand in celebration of AFA’s 40 years of ministry. 

Click here or call 877-927-4917 to order your own copy of Our Call to Faithfulness: The Voice and Legacy of Don Wildmon.



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