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A Letter From Heaven, a Letter From Hell

Thursday, January 02, 2020 @ 08:51 AM A Letter From Heaven, a Letter From Hell Joseph Parker Dir. Outreach & Intercession/ Radio Host MORE

But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry (2 Timothy 4:5).

Then the rich man said, “Please, Father Abraham, at least send him to my father’s home.  For I have five brothers, and I want him to warn them so they don’t end up in this place of torment”  (Luke 16:27-28).

The following are two letters sent as if these two young men had the unique opportunity to send a letter back to their living parents after their lives ended.

Dear Dad and Mom,

It’s me, Jack, and I just wanted to share my experience after life ended on earth for me.  After I took my last breath, lying on that hospital bed, I felt myself rise up.  I saw you both as you started to cry.  I wanted so much to comfort you and tell you that, all of a sudden, I didn’t hurt any more.  I wanted to let you know that I felt fine.  But as I stood up, I noticed that my body was still lying in the bed and not moving.  But I felt great.  I was completely healed and well.

All of a sudden, two very tall, beautiful angels walked into the room, each one took me by the arm and whisked me away.  We went right through the roof of the hospital, flew at an extremely fast speed into the sky and then through space.  And very quickly, we passed through the gates of heaven!

Dad and Mom, I wish you both could see this place.  It is so beautiful, I don’t have words to describe how beautiful it is. Everything is so bright and pretty. The streets really are made out of pure gold.  The houses and other buildings are stunning to look at.  And everyone here is so happy.

The whole place is awesome, bright and glorious!

Then, very soon my escorting angels told me “He is coming!”  As I looked, there walking up to me was Jesus!  Oh He was so gloriously beautiful and wonderful to see.  He came up and gave me a big embrace.  It felt like I was covered with love and grace!  I am so thankful to the Lord for saving me.  I am thankful that I committed my life to the Lord and served him when I was alive.  Praise God.

Suddenly, I thought to myself “I wish I had told many more people about Jesus and how to be saved."  I wouldn’t want anyone to miss Him or miss living in this wonderful place called heaven.

Love in Christ,


- - - -

Dear Dad and Mom,

It’s me, Reg.  I wanted to let you know about what happened after life came to an end for me on earth. After I stopped breathing, I apparently left my body.  I tried to talk to the two of you, but you couldn’t hear anything I was saying to you.

I looked at my bed and saw my lifeless body although I was standing right beside you two.

Then, all of a sudden, two of the most horrible looking creatures I have ever seen walked through the walls of the room.  They were demons. They quickly walked up to me before I could yell and grabbed me.  I yelled and asked you both to please help me.  Help me to get away from these horrible creatures!  But you couldn’t hear me at all.

They dragged me as I was kicking and screaming at them to let me go.  But they wouldn’t.  They said “Come with us.  You belong to us now.” 

A huge hole appeared out of nowhere in the floor and they dragged me down into it.

I cried out, screamed and yelled as loud as I could “Let me go!” And they just laughed at me and kept pulling me down the hole. 

The hole was a dark tunnel – dark – so dark.  They kept pulling me down, pulling me down.  The deeper we went, the hotter it became. 

Finally, we reached the bottom.  I felt like I was being scalded all over my body. I was burning on every inch of my being. 

The demons grabbed my wrists and clamped chains on them.  They then threw me into some kind of cell.  It was so hot.  And the whole place smelled awful – a stench much worse than any I had ever smelled.

I was in unbearable pain and agony from the extreme heat and pain all over my body.  I said, “Please I don’t want to be here! Let me out!” 

The two demons laughed at me and walked away. 

In the midst of my agony and pain, I looked through the door of my cell and saw many more prison-like cells almost just like mine as far as my eyes could see.  And I could hear what seemed like thousands of moans and groans and cries of men and women in agony and despair.  Their groans and cries poured from all the cells.

I am no longer an atheist.  Though I was an atheist most of my adult life on earth, I now believe in God.  I believe in God and heaven and hell, and all those things preachers used to talk about in church and on TV.

I used to make fun of preachers, laugh at them and called them ignorant fools. Now I realize they were right – every one of them as they preached the Bible.  And I wish that now, I had just one more day to be alive.  One more day to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If I had only one more day, I would listen to the gospel and run to give my life to Christ.  But, for me, it’s just too late.

Dad and Mom, please tell all my brothers and sisters, cousins and others, tell all my friends - give your lives to Jesus Christ – today!  Don’t wait another day. 

This place is so terrible – just so awful.  Don’t come here.  Get saved.  Don’t make the mistake I made.  Give your life to Christ this day.  Don’t come down here!

Your son,


- - - -

 If you desire to come to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, to spend eternity in heaven with Him and avoid spending eternity in hell, you can.

In order to make that step, we invite you to pray this or a similar prayer and invite Christ into your heart and commit your life to Him:

Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God.  I recognize that I have sinned and done wrong.  I repent of all my sins.  Forgive me of all the wrong I have done.  I do believe that You died on the cross to pay for my sins and I believe that three days later You rose from the dead so that I could be saved. Thank you, Lord, for loving me enough to die for me.  Lord Jesus, come into my heart.  Become my Lord and Savior.  Make me the person you want me to be. You said in your Word, that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Right now Lord, I ‘m calling on your name.  Lord Jesus, save me and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  Thank you, Lord, for saving me, and I now confess I am a child of God.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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