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Small Steps Daily Devotions for June 13 -19

Monday, June 13, 2022 @ 06:30 AM Small Steps Daily Devotions for June 13 -19 ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17 NIV).

God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Many people have said that for years, and it's so true. God instructs us and directs our path through the Holy Spirit. We are equipped not by what we can do but by what God can and will do through us.

Sit down with God's Word and ask the Holy Spirit to direct your reading and understanding. It is amazing what God will show you as you read. You might even be reading the same passage that you have read many times, and God will give you another point He wants you to see from it.

God's Word is referred to as the living Word. It's an accurate statement. God's Word never changes. His Word, being the living Word, will direct your thoughts and understanding to a new level as you ask the Holy Spirit to lead and direct you as you read. His Word is alive.

Thank you, Lord, for not only giving us a road map for life but giving us your Word to lead us in our understanding. The Holy Bible is as true today as it was when it was written. Amen.


Our Foundation

(Jesus speaking)

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world” (John 16:33 NLT).

Life can have a lot of turmoil and heartbreak. It's part of this broken world. I use an old military term, "It is what it is,” when dealing with life issues.

That said, we can also look at Jesus and say "He is who He is!” He is the Son of God. He is the Savior. He is our Lord. He is our Rock.

He is our Foundation. There is no other way to the Father except through Him. 

Thank you, Lord, for loving us. Amen.


A Blind World

Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

You see, we don’t go around preaching about ourselves. We preach that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we ourselves are your servants for Jesus’ sake. For God, who said, “Let there be light in the darkness,” has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4-6 NLT).

Our world has been blinded by the power of the lie. Satan is the master of lies and deception. Our world is running around in circles and chasing lie after lie. The ole Devil is really causing havoc.

As Christ-followers, we must rebuke Satan and shine the light of Jesus into the eyes (hearts) of those that are blinded by the ploys and temptations of the Evil One. It's time for Christians to put grow up and exclaim the truth about our God.

The fight for the souls of the deceived is in full battle mode. Are you in the fight or out? May God be with you. Fight the good fight.

Thanks be to God.

Lord God, give your children the strength to exclaim your truth. Give us your protection as we go into battle with the Evil One. Father, hold us as we stumble, pick us up as we fall. Never leave us, Lord, and help us to fight the good fight for Truth. Lead us today, Lord. We know that Satan and his demons cannot stand in your presence, therefore we can go and know that you are with us. We have nothing to fear as long as we stand with you, Lord. We praise you for your gift of salvation. Thank you, Jesus, and it's in His name that I pray. Amen.


God’s Blessings

(Jesus speaking)

“You haven’t done this before. Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy” (John 16:24 NLT).

Asking for God's blessing is only the first part. Asking in His will is another. Then believing He hears you and will answer remains a vital part.

We have not because we ask not.

Dear Lord, your will, nothing more; nothing less; nothing more. Amen.


Stand for What Is Right

(Jesus speaking)

"God blesses those who are persecuted for doing right,
for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

“God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, the ancient prophets were persecuted in the same way (Matthew 5:10-12 NLT).

Anytime we stand up for what is right and true, we might (and most of the time will) come under attack, especially in this social media-driven world. Each person must decide whether to stand for what is right or sit back and let evil win. Like most things in this life, we must choose whose side we want to be on.

Jesus said in the Beatitudes that God blesses those for doing right. God blesses us when we take a stand for Truth. Again, it's your choice. You can choose the dark side, choose to straddle the fence, or choose Jesus' side. I will stand with Christ. How about you?

Folks, evil might win the day, but Truth will be the ultimate victor. I've read the end of the Bible – Jesus wins. When He wins, all His followers win. Are you on His team? You must decide. The fight is raging, the war is an everyday war. We must fight it, one day at a time, but with Jesus on our side, we will become ultimate victors.

Lord, thank you for the victory! Amen!


You Are a Masterpiece

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10 NLT).

Not only did God save us from eternal hell by sending His Son on a rescue mission, but God has a plan for each of us. That plan can only be unleashed by Christ Jesus living in our hearts.

Are you ready to be the masterpiece God created you to be?

Father God, sometimes we don't see ourselves as a masterpiece. A lot of the time we see ourselves as fallen, broken creatures, just existing and walking through life. Lord God, open the hearts and the minds of your children so that we will see the masterpiece you have created. Give us the faith that we need to be totally dependent on you, Lord. Help us, Lord, to trust in you through the tough times.

Father God, pick us up when we have fallen down, lead us when we are blind, and help us when we feel helpless. Lord, we give our lives to you. Do what you will with us and lead us down your path of righteousness.

Father God, your will, nothing more; nothing less; nothing else. We ask in the mighty and matchless name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


God's Greatness 

“How great you are, O Sovereign LORD! There is no one like you. We have never even heard of another God like you! (2 Samuel 7:22 NLT).

We must look for God in all our circumstances. He is with you in the good times and in the bad times, in sickness and good health. God never leaves us. Wake up and realize His presence in everything you experience. Thank you, Lord!

Father God, you are with us, always. You are loving, merciful, and forgiving. You are judge and jury. You are sovereign and full of grace. Thank you, Father, for loving us more than we deserve. Thank you for calling us worthy. We praise your holy name. Amen.

(Editor's Note:  "God Has a Gift for You" is the good news that restores the broken relationship we have with God because of our sin.)

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