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Men & Abortion

Monday, September 22, 2014 @ 07:50 AM Men & Abortion Joseph Parker Dir. Outreach & Intercession/ Radio Host MORE

Men: The Driving Force Behind Many Abortions

In our culture, its commonly said that abortion and abortion rights is about a woman having the right to choose what to do with her own body.   This is one of the ongoing claims of pro-choice people who are sold out to the tragedy of abortion.  Well, if the concern is really about a woman’s “right” to choose, then consider a huge reality that is being glaringly overlooked in our culture today.

Statistically speaking, men are the driving force behind many abortions.   Allow me to share a scenario that is tragically very common.   Too often, in our culture, a man, upon learning that his girlfriend is pregnant, will become upset.  Often he will become angry and ask a typically stupid question:   “How did this happen?”   His actual thoughts are “Why didn’t you do all you could to prevent this with all the birth control methods and  means there are?”   He will then selfishly make other statements like:  “I am not ready to be a daddy!”Or, “We can’t afford a baby!” , “How could you have let this happen?”   Then, too often, the next reaction is “You will get an abortion.  Do you understand?  There is no need for discussion.”  And in many cases, the girlfriend does exactly what her boyfriend demands.

Though, it is very often stated that this issue is about a woman’s right to choose, is she choosing?   In many such cases, you have a woman that either WANTS to keep her baby, or you have a woman who is on the fence and undecided.   Then, upon receiving the reaction of her boyfriend, she will decide “I better do what he says.”  Again, this situation is extremely common in our culture. Even though it is said that it is her “right to choose”, too terribly often, she is being coerced or more less forced to have an abortion against her will.  

Now, it is actually against the law to force or coerce a woman to have an abortion if she wants to keep her baby.  Tragically though, many women don’t know that this is the law.  Many of them do not realize that the law is on their side.  Many men do not know this is the law either.  Also, sadly, many men don’t care. 

So it’s not hard to see that, though, many claim that they want to maintain a woman’s right to choose, this is actually not the issue.  Time and time again in this sad situation, the woman is not “choosing” at all.  The man is. 

There is an over whelming need for persons  that  know and understand the law in this situation to help inform more people of the law.   It can be done by word of mouth obviously, yet two very helpful resources  are the “Dear Client” letter or “Dear Parent” letter, (found at   Churches and schools should get copies of these items or similar resources to help  people come to know the law.  

Men have too often taken women’s right to choose life away.  They have done too often exactly what they should not have done–demanded an abortion.  This situation needs to end.  The ignorance and selfishness of our culture has already done way too much damage.  Any concerned individual can help spread the word.

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