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AFA Engages Millennials

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 @ 1:59 PM
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Teddy James Writer, AFA Journal MORE

AFA has always had a passion for impacting the culture with the gospel. But the ministry recently realized they were lacking in their efforts to reach Millennials, those who are 18- to 34-year-olds. 

Therefore, now exists to help Millennials build their own worldview grounded in Scripture and the truth of the gospel. Created by Millennials for Millennials, is using the platform of AFA to reach their generation with the gospel and provide them with the tools necessary to build a biblical worldview for themselves and bring understanding and meaning to life in a fallen world. 

Our task

As a Millennial myself, I realize that the worldview spoon-fed to Millennials is full of concepts and philosophies that ultimately leave us empty and still searching for fulfillment. Each latest trend and fad is tried and found wanting. We are a generation skeptical of anything promising fulfillment but still optimistic enough to give it a chance. Our generation’s perspective is like a tangled web intertwining the supposed best ideas of Modernism, Postmodernism, Eastern Mysticism, Consumerism, and any other –ism that can be expressed behind a hashtag.

 The work ahead of is to deconstruct the worldview culture shoves toward us and build a new worldview that, in reality, is anything but new. It finds its origins in Genesis and has been embraced and applied for thousands of years by great Christian minds. It is now our responsibility to press on, still expressing the unchanging truths of Scripture, yet doing so in a way that resonates with our ever-changing world. 

Our turn

Millennials cannot sit by and place the responsibility of reaching our generation on the shoulders of other believers. While we desperately need and must receive the guidance of older and wiser believers, we have to actively engage people facing the same trials, questions, challenges, and doubts as us. It is our turn to wrestle with the powers of this world and experience the hand of God personally. Our presentation may be new, but our message is the same one that has been spoken for 2,000 years. 

Our team

It was 18 months ago that a group of Millennials employed by AFA came together and decided to that is was their turn to take action. The group consisted of men and women from varying walks of life, all with different skill sets and passions. Our first conversation took place between a recent college graduate, a graphic designer, a film director, a film editor, a writer, and a handful of others. We had three things in common: faith in Jesus, employment by AFA, and a passion to present the gospel in a modern context.

While our Engage team is similar in age, we are in different stages of life. Some are single and using this season as a time of focused discipleship and service. Others are newly married and gaining a vision for the sacrificial love it takes to make that relationship succeed. A few of us are parents and are finding out in a more personal way how difficult it must have been for God to watch as His Son was humiliatingly crucified on a tree. 

Our team is not full of experts who have spent years studying Millennials. We are a part of our own audience. We have the same concerns, questions, doubts, and fears as the people we are writing for. What we know well is that the gospel is not just for the lost. Christians have a perpetual, second-by-second need of the gospel. It is that need that drove each of us to sacrifice our time and energy to take from an idea to a reality. 

Your time

Even though much prayer, work, and sacrifice has been poured into Engage, it cannot succeed alone. Today we are making our national launch and are asking for your help. If you want to help us engage Millennials you know, find us on Twitter and Instagram and go to our Facebook page and share a story you like. You can share it with all your friends or a particular person you believe the story will bless. In thanks, we will enter your name in a drawing to win either a 12-ounce package of our new Liberty Coffee, an A.W. Tozer Bible, or Rifqa Bary’s new book Hiding in the Light. 

While you are reading the stories, interact with us. Our team wants to engage with readers in a real and transparent way. Our aim is not to tell people what to think, but to have a discussion. Have some extra tips on preparing to be a good spouse? Let us know. Know of some things that can distract while spending time with God? We want to hear them. Do you have suggestions for signs of spiritual growth? Let’s have a discussion about it. Let’s share truth and apply Scripture. … Let’s engage!


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