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By the Rivers of Babylon

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 @ 12:15 PM By the Rivers of Babylon ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Joseph Parker Dir. Outreach & Intercession/ Radio Host MORE

“By the rivers of Babylon . . .” begins Psalm 137.  This psalm is unique in the book of psalms.  One of the messages it proclaims has to do with the need for steadfastness and perseverance while in captivity.  Persevere and don’t give up. 

Babies in the wombs of their mothers are children, plain and simple.  They are extremely young, but children nonetheless.  Every human being on this planet was once a very young child just like each of them.  The difference between these children and older children is only geography and age.

These very young children are altogether helpless.  Basically, if their parents or someone else does not take care of them, they will die.  To say they are innocent is a huge understatement.   Children in the womb are precious, a blessing, and beautiful.

Today, we find ourselves in a strange land.  We live in a strange land where the government refuses to give rights to children in the womb. We live in a land where the government takes taxpayer money to the tune of between one and two million dollars a day and gives it to a non-governmental organization that concentrates on killing children in the womb – an organization called Planned Parenthood. A strange land.  Our government gives extra rights to people who engage in a lifestyle of wicked and deviant sexual practices and then foists those rights and behaviors on everyone.  A strange land indeed. 

We live in a land where a woman who is running for President has stated that these children in the womb have no constitutional rights at all (so they can be killed at will in our nation).  Moreover, she believes the government should pay for the killing of these children. 

How sad it is that we live in a world in which at different times in history, people in power have “redefined” certain groups of human beings.  In Nazi Germany, the leadership redefined Jews and other groups of people as being useless and a threat to the status quo.  This led to the legal taking of their property, rounding the Jews and certain other groups up, arresting them, imprisoning them in concentration camps and for so many of them, exterminating them. What a strange world we live in.  How sad it is that many people in different parts of the world decided that black people from the continent of Africa were not equal to everyone else in the world, and thus could be captured and they and their families made into slaves.  They were then bought and sold like property and treated as such.  And sadly today, the same kind of tragedy still happens to people of many different races and groups through the reality of sex trafficking. And now we live in a place where people kill children before they are born, and call it a right protected by the U.S. Constitution.  (Notice that all the people who call this a constitutional right are already born.)                                          

Why do people not see the extreme injustices at work here?  Because it’s convenient NOT to see them.  And the tragic response by too many after being confronted with such realities is “But its ok to do this because these ‘people’ are not really people.  They are what I have decided they are.  They are useless eaters, they are savages, they are animals, they are fetuses.”

We must decide that we will never lose our song!  We need to decide to sing loud and clear, and boldly and faithfully.  Our song is a song of love for all people – children in the womb, people of other colors, and backgrounds, etc.  It is also a song of justice. 

Our song is a song we are called to sing in righteousness.  Let us sing louder and stronger and more courageously than ever before.  Our song, justice as defined clearly by the Word of God, is for children in the womb and for everyone else.  By the grace of God, let us never lose our song for in the end, our song will prevail. 

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