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This Mother's Day Will Be Different

Friday, May 12, 2017 @ 1:56 PM This Mother's Day Will Be Different ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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As exhausting as some days are, I love the role God has chosen for me as a mother, and I hope you do as well. This year, Mother’s Day will go a little different for me. Rewind to last Saturday when my son had a bike wreck. Bicycle, not motorcycle, but his accident still resulted in seven stitches. He hit a bump in the pavement which made his handlebars turn and his bike tire hit his friend’s tire. Obviously, they crashed. Thankfully, his friend was fine; my son not so much.

The follow up visit to check on his stitches went well and we found out when we would need to have them removed. This Saturday was too soon and Tuesday was too late, plus the doctor was scheduled to be off Monday after working all weekend. So, yes, Sunday is the logical day for him to have his stitches removed. The doctor felt terrible that would be how I would spend my Mother’s Day. I can say I have never been at an urgent care clinic on Mother’s Day before. I was really fine with it. My child’s needs come before my needs. I am sure you would agree.

As moms, we are used to putting others first. It is what we do. Besides any day can be a day we celebrate Mother’s Day. It may be out of the ordinary, but I cannot think of anything more appropriate than taking care of my child on Mother’s Day.

I do not really need a special day for me. After all, this day is also to recognize my own mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers. Some others have step, foster, and adoptive moms. This is a day we share. It is not all about me. There, I said it. Technically, every day belongs to the Lord, and we should use every day to glorify Him. We can do this as mothers by teaching our children to follow Jesus Christ and setting an example by being as much like Jesus as we can. We will fail at times, but it is an awesome goal to have and strive for nonetheless.

As moms, we can invest time in our children’s lives and raise and protect the blessings which God has entrusted us with. As mothers, we invest time in our children’s lives by sacrificing and giving up our own wants. Some may disagree, but I truly believe a mom, or mentor in some cases, should have a servant’s heart and be unselfish with time, money, and particularly with love just as Christ does. The moment someone becomes a mother, her life is no longer her own. I cannot think of anything more wonderful, aside from giving one’s life to Christ. The Lord has called His children to serve in many different ways, but mothers have been called to raise their children in a Christian home. The Lord has given us other purposes as well, but motherhood in particular brings me so much joy and satisfaction. We may not always receive a thank you, but we are needed and that is why God gave the world mothers. Did you know the word "mother" or "mothers" appears in the Bible almost 300 times? Motherhood is a noble calling. And while it is not always easy, what an important role it is!

Whether you are a mom or not, share this with a mother you love, appreciate, and adore!

Have a very special Mother’s Day!

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