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Reclaiming American Manhood, One 12-Year-Old Boy at a Time

Friday, January 04, 2019 @ 12:19 PM Reclaiming American Manhood, One 12-Year-Old Boy at a Time ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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The gravest challenge our culture faces today is not with the economy or national security. It’s with the American family. Far too many families are fragmented and broken, leaving spouses abandoned and children to fend for themselves. 

The problem is massive and overwhelming. What can we do? I believe the solution is found in equipping mature, masculine men to be leaders, protectors, and providers for their families. 

Government schools aren’t getting the job done. Many churches seem more interested in entertaining teenagers than educating them. And the fathers in many families would like to get the job done with their boys but aren’t sure how to do it. 

You may be one of those dads, living with this nagging apprehension that you should do more with your son to grow him to maturity, but just not sure how to go about it. 

Well, if you are a father of a young son, I’ve written a book just for you. It’s entitled “The Boy to Man Book,” and is designed to give you as a father a user-friendly tool to use with your 12-year-old son. 

Twenty-three times in the book of Proverbs, Solomon addresses what he is writing to “my son.” The book contains all the essential wisdom Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, wanted his growing son to learn before reaching adult manhood. 

This wisdom is still essential today for us to impart to our sons. What I’ve done in this book is make an effort to distill the wisdom of Solomon into 24 chapters which you can read to and with your son. At the end of each chapter is a prayer that you can pray over your son, to lodge the wisdom of God in his young life. 

There are chapters on God, the importance of choosing friends wisely, how to handle money, and getting prepared for a productive career. But there are also chapters that give a young son guidance on how far he can go on a date, how he can stay out of sexual trouble, and how he can identify the woman he should marry. 

Five thousand young boys turn 12 every day in America. Five thousand boys who need to know what Solomon knew about life. If we could get this book, or something like it, into the hands of every father of every 12-year-old boy to read with his son, these young males would have in their hearts the wisdom that is necessary to turn each of them from a boy into a man. 

As they go through high school and then college and then enter the workforce with these truths in their hearts, America can quickly become a much different and a much better place. 

If you are the father of a young son, I urge you to get this book. If you know someone who has a young son, I urge you to get this book for him. If you work in youth ministry, think about giving a copy of this book to the father of every son in your youth group on his son’s 12th birthday. 

Reclaiming America’s lost manhood is a huge job. Maybe we can do the job one 12-year-old boy at a time.

Click HERE to get this book!

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