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A Father's Legacy

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What is a father’s legacy? For some, it may be a family business, heirloom, or prized possession. For others, it may be the roadmap on how to raise a family or maintain a relationship with the Lord. But what if you never had a father to leave you a legacy?

In the new movie, A Father’s Legacy, writer, director, producer, and lead actor Jason Mac reveals the importance of father/son relationships. After losing his father suddenly, Mac found himself unsure of what to do. His father was his confidante, best friend, and always there in times of trouble. After he was gone, Mac realized how crucial his father’s role was in his life and how that relationship influenced him.  

“[My father’s death] forced me to look inside myself and to really look at what a father means to a son. And what a son is to a father,” said Mac.

Mac was blessed with a present father, but he quickly realized there are so many other boys less fortunate. So, with his father’s inspiration, Mac created a film to showcase why fathers are needed in the home and how they impact their children. A Father’s Legacy leaves viewers wanting “to be there” for their children.

“This is a love letter to my own father.” Mac continued, “It explores the ideas of legacy, redemption, and faith. Too many young men have no ideal male role model growing up. And that is the message I hope to grow out of this film…‘to be there.’” 

The story begins with a bang as a young man named Nick runs from the law. After an attempted robbery, he breaks into an older man’s home and holds him at gunpoint. The story progresses rapidly, and viewers soon learn that Nick is filled with inner turmoil. Unsure of what is troubling him, the homeowner, Billy, seeks to help him instead of fleeing or contacting the cops.

As Billy and Nick spend time together on Billy’s property, their relationship deepens, and hard truths are revealed based on their pasts, revealing themes of family, redemption, and loyalty.

In one of the most profound scenes, Billy teaches Nick about the “ripple effects.” As he casts stones into the pond, Billy paints the picture of how one person can impress others through seemingly small ways. In life, everyone affects someone. It may be family, co-workers, or the Walmart employees checking out groceries. Choices, attitudes, and decisions impact others – especially the decisions of fathers toward their children.

The film is good but gritty. The acting and directing are very well done and keep the viewer engaged in the storyline. But due to some harsh instances, caution is advised. Negative aspects include ten or more uses of profanity, light drinking, and scenes containing violence.

On June 17, A Father’s Legacy will be available for a one-night Fathom event. Concerning A Father’s Legacy, Fathom says:

“On the run from the law, a young man searching for his father forces his way into the life of a secluded old man in the woods. As the days pass and the secrets about their past are revealed, they learn that they might not have been looking for each other … but they may have been brought together for a reason. The event features a conversation with director/star Jason Mac and Pastor Brannon Shortt from Bayside Church about the importance of fatherhood, how the choices you make have consequences, and additional key takeaways from the film.”

In late July, it will be available for purchase for home entertainment. The movie has an accompanying devotional study guide to help open conversations that will inspire men to fill the gap. To learn more about the film, visit Fathom Events.

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, Ephesians 6:4.


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