Over the next 12 months and in celebration of our 40-Year Anniversary, American Family Association will encourage Americans to embrace and celebrate the national motto because it’s the perfect expression of our hope for the nation.  

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For the last four decades, AFA has fought against every inch of encroachment by the secular humanist progressive movement. From the early years when AFA Founder Don Wildmon clashed with network executives over violent, profane, and filthy TV shows, to current threats to the safety of women and children in the bathrooms of Target, AFA has had a clear understanding that these conflicts were skirmishes in a larger war.

And it is a war – a war over God.

We are divided in America like no time since the late 1960s. Colleges and universities are once again hotspots for radical ideologies; riots are springing up and conservative speakers are shouted down; American ideals are despised by a small but vocal segment of the population, and the American flag, seen as the symbol of those values, is spurned by them; and the hostility between the right and the left is white hot. We might not be as badly divided as the America that fought on battlefields in the Civil War, but that no longer seems like an impossibility.

And at its root this cultural division is all about the existence and authority of God in our personal and national lives. That’s why – while we still can – AFA is encouraging Americans to unite under the banner of our national motto, “In God We Trust.”

At its most fundamental level, this is not a war about mere cultural values or even public policies, like abortion, sex, or marriage. At its heart, this is a war over the subject of God.

Is He real? Is He the God of the Bible? Did He create mankind? Does He care what we do? Do His commandments apply to us in America? Will we all one day stand before Him in judgment? Does God judge nations as well as individuals?

These are the questions behind the rancor. They are questions that had, with minimal dissent, been settled at the founding of our country. Even those founders who were not Christian knew our nation could not survive without God.

They believed God had His hand on those who fought the American Revolution and that God had granted us liberty. They knew the constitutional republic that they eventually established could not succeed without an educated and involved citizenry, whose lives were anchored by what George Washington called the “indispensible supports” of “religion and morality.”

While we are witnessing the disheartening results of forsaking the founders’ wisdom, many Christians refuse to let this terrible tragedy destroy our nation. Because of the vision that God gave Don Wildmon over 40 years ago, AFA has continued to inform, equip, and activate God’s people to stand boldly and firmly against the secular humanist onslaught against the founding principles of America.

There is only One who can reunite this disintegrating nation, but that can only happen when the hearts of this people are united to His. That has been the only route – for individuals, communities, and countries – to true blessing and peace. For that goal AFA exists; toward that end AFA will continue to fight.

If God, in His mercy, grants AFA another 40 years, we hope that, at the end of that time, America is once again a nation whose God is the Lord.

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