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Conservative Leaders Unite for Citizens Mandate That Calls on Congress to Stop Radical Transformation

Friday, January 16, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—Conservative leaders from around the country, including American Family Association’s (AFA, president Tim Wildmon and Director of Governmental Affairs Sandy Rios, have signed on to the “Citizens’ Mandate from the November 2014 Election,” which urges the new Republican majority in Congress and its leaders to stop President Obama’s fundamental transformation of the nation and press forward with a positive commitment to lead according to the Constitution. 

“The people spoke through the ballot box in mid-November, but it seems no one in Republican Leadership heard,” said Rios, AFA Director of Governmetnal Affairs and host of “Sandy Rios in the Morning.” “Now the people are shouting, this time in writing, so that the drive for President Obama's 'fundamental transformation of America,' shall be brought to a complete standstill. The ‘Citizens’ Mandate’ should remove all ambiguity. The people spoke, and make no mistake, THIS is what they said.”

Issued yesterday, the mandate charges the GOP majority to chart a new and better course.

According to the executive summary of the mandate, “The November 2014 election was a repudiation of the complicity of the United States Congress in President Obama’s dramatic and unconstitutional expansion of government. America’s voters demanded that the new Congress: 

  • Stop the President’s promised ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of the country,  
  • End Executive branch overreach,  
  • Restore Constitutional balance of power among the three branches of government, 
  • Bring an end to the perennially unpopular Affordable Care Act,   
  • Stop the President’s Executive Amnesty initiatives, 
  • Hold the Executive branch accountable for its myriad abuses of power and its national security failures both foreign and domestic, and 
  • Put the interests of the United States of America first among nations.” (Read the full mandate online.)

“Congress has an historic opportunity to lay down a marker for freedom and stop the erosion of freedom emanating from the pen of President Obama,” the mandate continued. “They were elected to do just that, to not only stop the fundamental transformation of America, but to create the alternative vision of a prosperous, free America where citizens know that hard work is the pathway to success. They were elected to protect and defend the Constitution from the tidal wave of encroachments that threaten the basic God-given freedom from government that individuals are guaranteed. They were elected to stop and reverse the President’s agenda and policies. They were not elected to relinquish more power, compromise and enable Obama to use their acquiescence to justify continued abuses.”

An appendix to the mandate also contains a full page of examples of abuses of power by the President and his administration, including the selective targeting of political opponents for harassment and abuse by the IRS, the unlawful granting amnesty to categories of illegal immigrants, the denial of equal protection under the law by the Department of Justice’s racially discriminatory enforcement of federal civil rights law, the refusal to enforce federal laws such as DOMA, and the making of unilateral changes to Obamacare.

AFA is urging friends, supporters and all concerned Americans to join the mandate by:

  1. Signing the petition, located at, in support of the mandate, and
  2. Contacting their elected federal officials to express their agreement with the mandate

Other signers of the mandate included: Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy; Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government; Richard Viguerie, Chairman and Founder of Conservative HQ; the Hon. Ken Blackwell, President of Constitutional Congress, Inc.; William G. Boykin, LTG (Ret), U.S. Army, and Executive Vice President of Family Research Council; J. Christian Adams of the Election Law Center; Dr. James Dobson, host of Family Talk; Janet Porter, President of Faith2Action; Gary L. Bauer, President of American Values; Jim Backlin of the Christian Coalition of America; Rich Bott, President and CEO, and Dick Bott, Founder and Chairman of Bott Radio Network; Joy Pullman, Managing Editor of The Federalist; William J. Becker Jr. of Freedom X; and Rick Scarborough, President of Vision America Action, among many others. In all, 53 organizations supported the mandate.


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