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American Family Association Releases Anti-Christian Bigotry Map of 200 Groups Targeting Christians

Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—A florist may lose her business and savings for standing for her beliefs. A fire chief’s career ends over his faith-based views on homosexuality. Pastors are subpoenaed for speaking truth from the pulpit. A baker who declined business for a lesbian wedding is ordered to pay $150,000 in fines. And crosses and Bibles disappear from military bases, where freedom is supposed to be preserved.

These are not simply stories or anecdotes, but real-life headlines affecting Christians in America every day.

For its new Anti-Christian Bigotry Map, available at, American Family Association (AFA, identified more than 200 groups and organizations nationwide that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith.

The interactive map identifies groups whose actions are deeply intolerant of the Christian faith. Their actions, for example, have endorsed efforts to silence Christians and to remove all public displays of Christian heritage and faith in America.

“It’s a sad fact that every week, AFA hears about multiple instances across the country where the Christian faith is being attacked, either through the stripping of religious symbols, the fight to stop the spread of the Gospel or the tearing down of the moral fabric of America,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “In fact, there are so many stories that we regularly send multiple alerts to over one million of our friends and supporters, who can then share these injustices with their friends, family and neighbors and work to protect religious freedom in America. The good news is that there are victories to share as well—people standing up for their beliefs and seeing positive outcomes.”

AFA’s map identifies four categories of organizations:

  • Homosexual agenda: These groups advocate for the legalization and promotion of same-sex marriage and target Christians who exercise their First Amendment right to voice support for time-honored marriage between one man and one woman.
  • Anti-Christian: These groups actively engage in efforts to eradicate the Christian faith from society, government and private commerce through filing lawsuits and using intimidation to silence any reference to Christianity in the public square.
  • Atheist: These groups go beyond exercising their right not to believe in God and are critical of those who express their faith in public.
  • Humanist: These groups believe critical thinking and physical evidence are the sole basis for beliefs and oppose expressions of religion in public places.  

AFA has sent an Action Alert about the Anti-Christian Bigotry Map to its one million-plus friends and supporters, alerting them of the project and reminding them that some members of these groups have committed violent crimes against Christians and faith-based organizations. Physical and profane verbal assaults against Christians are also methods frequently exercised as angry methods of intimidation.

To view the anti-Christian groups by state, visit AFA also distributes a weekly email alerting Christians of the top anti-Christian bigotry stories across the country and how they can take action. Sign up for the alerts at


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