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AFA Action Partners with Heritage Alliance on iVoterGuide for Important 2016 Election

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—Beginning this week, Heritage Alliance, creators of iVoterGuide, will partner with AFA Action ( to release the first installment of its 2016 Presidential iVoterGuide.

This comprehensive voter guide will be released in four installments as the debates and campaigns progress. The first release comprises revealing campaign finance data on each presidential candidate.

“The 2016 presidential election will be crucial for our entire nation, and Christian voters especially must step up, as religious liberties, the protection of life and godly leadership are all paramount for the country,” said AFA Action President Tim Wildmon. “When we fail to protect those things—or fail to elect lawmakers who will work toward the best interest of their constituents—we risk all that our Founding Fathers bestowed on us to make this nation great.

“Now, as we prepare for one of the most crucial elections in our nation’s history,” Wildmon continued, “it’s imperative that voters are educated about all the candidates. Therefore, we’re excited to partner with the Heritage Alliance for iVoterGuide, which will serve as an invaluable tool as we head to the ballot box next year. We have an obligation not only to get out and vote, but also to understand exactly where candidates stand on key issues so we don’t unwittingly vote away our freedoms.”

Richard Ford, President of Heritage Alliance, added, “Candidates will say what voters want to hear during campaigns. That’s why iVoterGuide is critical for concerned voters who want to cut through the onslaught of media ads and misinformation—getting the truth out about candidates. This is especially important during this presidential primary where many of the candidates say the same thing.”

This first installment of iVoterGuide reflects federal and state campaign finance sources. Future installments to iVoterGuide will include voting records, endorsements, candidate issue surveys, and panel evaluations.

“Because a candidate willingly chooses and accepts who they receive money from, it can indicate their ideological position on issues,” said Ford. “It is even more revealing to see what organizations, individuals and candidates the candidate gives their own money to and how those recipients vote. Our mission is to help voters to vote wisely. There is so much hope for America, so long as we take action to put people in leadership who stand on principle rather than power. iVoterGuide is a special tool that will equip voters to do that.”

iVoterGuide is a free service, distributed through affiliated national and state partners, and can be located at For more information on Heritage Alliance, its partners, and its influence on elections, visit For more information on AFA Action, visit


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