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AFA Voter Guide Helps Christians Make Informed Decisions

Sunday, March 20, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

The Presidential political picture is changing every day, as more and more voters in states across the country voice their opinions at the polls. To help voters head to the ballot box armed with knowledge, AFA Action (, a division of the American Family Association (AFA, has released its 2016 Presidential Voter Guide.

Through the guide, AFA Action is aiming to help Christians be informed voters and vote wisely in both state and national elections. The guide provides an in-depth, high-quality, web-based and non-partisan perspective on the candidates and allows voters to identify where the candidates fall on a scale from “very liberal” to “very conservative” and everywhere in between.

“The 2016 presidential election will be crucial for our entire nation, and Christian voters especially must step up, as religious liberties, the protection of life and godly leadership are all paramount for the country,” said AFA Action President Tim Wildmon. “When we fail to protect those things—or fail to elect lawmakers who will work toward the best interest of their constituents—we risk all that our Founding Fathers bestowed on us to make this nation great.”

Added AFA Action National Field Director Rob Chambers, “Now, as we prepare for one of the most important elections in our nation’s history, it’s imperative that voters are educated about all the candidates. The AFA Action Voter Guide will serve as an invaluable tool as we head to the ballot box this year. We have an obligation not only to get out and vote, but also to understand exactly where candidates stand on key issues so we don’t unwittingly vote away our freedoms.”

The AFA Action Voter Guide looks at the history of each candidate so voters can see for themselves:

  • How candidates have voted in the past
  • Who the candidates give money to
  • Where the candidates’ money comes from
  • How the candidates answer questions on critical issues



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