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American Family Association and One Millions Moms See Victories with NASA, and Eggland’s Best

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.American Family Association (AFA, and One Million Moms ( are seeing victory after victory, as Americans are voicing their opinions about squashed religious liberties and television that goes too far.

First, AFA sent an Action Alert to its many friends and supporters about a situation at NASA that garnered significant feedback from concerned Christians. In June 2015, members of Johnson Space Center’s Praise and Worship Club said attorneys for NASA’s legal department told them they could not use the name “Jesus” in announcements appearing in the space agency’s newsletters. The club’s leadership was also told that “NASA would be censoring all future club announcements that featured the name ‘Jesus.’”

Consequently, until the AFA Action Alert in mid-February, the name “Jesus” was conspicuously absent from the Johnson Space Center newsletters containing announcements from the Praise and Worship Club. Immediately after AFA’s alert, NASA responded, not denying the claims but stating that it “does not prohibit the use of any specific religious names in employee newsletters or other internal communications.” View the club’s newsletter announcements and timetable here.

“Last week, NASA sent a copy of its latest newsletter to AFA,” reported AFA President Tim Wildmon. “In the February 16 issue, one week after AFA’s alert, NASA included the name ‘Jesus’ in the Praise and Worship Club’s newsletter announcement! Coincidence? We don’t think so. We believe it is a result of concerned Americans taking action to ensure that religious liberties are protected wherever they are threatened.”

The voices of the faithful are also making a difference in the entertainment realm, when One Million Moms, a division of AFA, asked those concerned with trash on TV to call out advertisers for the new show “Teachers” and urge them to stop their support of the offensive program.

Soon after One Million Moms contacted its friends and supporters, both and Eggland’s Best responded positively, stating they would no longer advertise on TV Land’s “Teachers,” reported One Million Moms Director Monica Cole.

We are thankful to those who have stood with AFA and One Million Moms on these important issues,” Cole said. “There has never been a more crucial time for concerned parents to unite to clean up the entertainment industry for the sake of our children. Together, and with God’s help, we are making a difference!”

Promos for the vile “Teachers” program air on the network during family-friendly shows early in the evening when children are more likely to be watching TV, One Million Moms reports, adding, “Every scene is filled with sexual innuendos, implications or encounters,” and the show also mocks Christians and belittles teachers.

To read more about One Million Moms’ communications on “Teachers,” click here.



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