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American Family Association: Pray for President-elect Donald Trump and Our Nation

Monday, November 14, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—After an election that left millions of voters with strong emotions on both sides—jubilant and hopeful to angry and fearful—the American Family Association (AFA, is asking Americans to pray for President-elect Donald Trump as he faces a great challenge, and to pray for the entire nation.

“The presidential election results have given us a reprieve for America,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “Our nation was on the edge of a cliff, and a knock-out punch was about to be delivered to the America that our Founding Fathers handed to us. We were about to lose the Supreme Court of the United States to the far left for a generation. Persecution against Christians was about to be amped up in ways we’d never seen before in our country. After all, Hillary Clinton called the faithful an irredeemable ‘basket of deplorables.’

“Secular progressives and God-haters were ready to pounce, with nothing to stop them,” he continued. “Here at AFA and American Family Radio, we were ready for new government regulations that would target Christian radio and prohibit any subject that would be deemed ‘hate speech.’ Hillary Clinton made it clear she supported abortion, even partial-birth abortion, and she believed that taxpayers should fund it. Much more evil was about to descend upon our beloved America. But God had mercy on us.”

Wildmon went on to say that by no means is Donald Trump the nation’s savior. That distinction belongs only to Jesus Christ.

“But God has allowed this man to be elected president—against all odds—and Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with many godly men and women,” Wildmon said. “But for God, why would a billionaire business tycoon from New York City want to look to Christian men for counsel and advice? To illustrate, God has placed Gov. Mike Pence, a Bible-believing brother in Christ, in Donald Trump’s path.

“Today, we ask all faithful Americans to pray daily for President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence,” he concluded. “May they hold to their promises, return our government to a constitutional republic, and may the Lord bring a great spiritual revival to this land.”

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