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Wednesday, January 25, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—This past weekend, media around the country provided collective hours of coverage and pages of commentary on the “Women’s March” in Washington, D.C., which, in essence, protested the inauguration of President Donald Trump and called for reproductive rights for women.

Now, a group of organizations concerned with saving the lives of the unborn is demanding that the media grant fair coverage to the March for Life at the nation’s capital this Friday—Jan. 27, 2017.

The American Family Association (AFA,, one of the nation’s largest pro-family organizations, along with its One Million Moms ( division, has signed on as part of the Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues.

“Those who are defending the unborn deserve just as much media coverage as those who are disrespecting the political process and marched in anger in Washington,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “It’s time that the mainstream media give Americans a true picture of our entire society, not only the liberal, progressive, politically correct messages it deems worthy for coverage.”

Added One Million Moms Director Monica Cole, “Millions of women—mothers, daughters, wives and sisters—around the country fight every day for unborn babies who never had the chance to reach their God-given potential. Yet their dedication and commitment goes unnoticed to the point of where the rest of the world is kept blind to ‘the other side.’ Media is supposed to present a fair and unbiased view of the news, but is failing the American people.”

Today, the Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues announced its second annual #CoverTheMarch campaign, demanding the media cover the 2017 March for Life and cover it fairly. The annual event in Washington, D.C., draws hundreds of thousands of peaceful participants from all over the country. This year’s March for Life marks the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand.

The Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues, a coalition of 25 pro-life organizations and two members of Congress was formed in 2016 in response to the consistently poor coverage media outlets have given to important, newsworthy life issues. Last year’s censorship of the March for Life (which received only 35 seconds of coverage total from the networks) confirmed the media’s contempt for those who don’t share their liberal social agenda. Since the media covered the pro-abortion “Women’s March on Washington” this year for 4,518 seconds, they should give comparable coverage to the hundreds of thousands of peaceful pro-life marchers.

“The media are no longer the watchdogs for the American public, but the lapdogs of a liberal agenda committed to the destruction of life,” reads the website. “The Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues calls out journalists for their ongoing blackout of pro-life news and demands reporters live up to the standards of journalistic integrity by covering life issues.” Read the Alliance’s news release here.

At, organizers for the Alliance will engage in a “Tweet-fest” on Twitter on Friday and will represent all partners that have signed on, which include the American Principles Project, Family Research Council, For America, Human Life International, LifeSite News, Media Fairness Caucus, the Susan B. Anthony List, Students for Life, Heartbeat International, Live Action and the Young America’s Foundation. View a full list of member organizations at and learn more about the 2017 March for Life here.

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