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American Family Association Urges Texas Representatives to Protect Students’ Privacy

Thursday, March 16, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—The American Family Association (AFA, today is urging Texas representatives to pass Senate Bill 6, which protects the privacy and security of public school students. SB6, known as the Texas Privacy Act, protects children from being intruded upon by members of the opposite biological sex while using government restrooms, showers and dressing rooms.

This morning, AFA sent an Action Alert to its more than one million friends and supporters, encouraging them to take action on this important law.

“The privacy and safety of women and children, as well as our students in public schools, are important to the American Family Association, as evidenced by our commitment to the very successful #BoycottTarget initiative,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “Men and boys do not belong in women’s and girl’s restrooms and changing areas. That is why we’re getting behind SB6, which protects the dignity and privacy of all Texans in intimate facilities in public schools and government buildings. The bill also exempts private businesses from local government laws dictating restroom, locker room and changing area policies. We need families to ensure the voice of the Texas people is heard on this important issue, which is why we’re asking Texans to contact their legislators and urge them to vote in favor of the Texas Privacy Act, which will protect citizens’ privacy and safety on government property.”

The Texas Privacy Act will:

  1. Create a law requiring men and women to use separate, designated restrooms according to their biological sex. It also prevents local municipalities from creating laws making it possible for sexual predators to enter restrooms and victimize either sex.
  2. Ensure that Texas businesses have the liberty to establish bathroom policies that cannot be overridden by local governments.
  3. Prevent public schools from establishing restroom policy allowing boys to go in girls’ restrooms, locker rooms or showers, and vice versa.

Support for SB6 is growing and includes large and statewide organizations such as Concerned Women of America of Texas, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Texas Eagle Forum, Northeast Tarrant Tea Party, Stand for Fort Worth, the Texas Pastor Council, Texas Values and many more. Get “Six Essential Facts About Senate Bill 6” here.

SB6 has already cleared the Texas Senate. According to Texas Values, other states considering similar legislation include: Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, Washington, Missouri, Kentucky and Kansas.

For nearly a year, AFA has been communicating with families about the highly successful #BoycottTarget initiative, with more than 1.46 million signatures. These families are no longer shopping at Target because of its misguided and potentially dangerous bathroom and fitting room policy. Learn more about the boycott at

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