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American Family Association Points to New Study Showing Millennial Support for Homosexual Lifestyle Is Declining

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 @ 09:28 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—The American Family Association (AFA, says there is good news in the battle to protect biblical values on human sexuality, as progress is being made in the hearts and minds of millennials.


According to a new Harris Poll, AFA and The Christian Post report, Americans aged 18-34 are becoming less and less enamored with the LGBT lifestyle each year.


“I believe the reason this is happening is simple: millennials have been inundated with the gay agenda their entire lives,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon in an Action Alert to AFA’s more than 1 million friends and supporters. “And 75% of them have at least one friend who is a homosexual, which means they may have personally witnessed the pathologies that come with homosexuality. It looks like the more they know about the homosexual lifestyle, the less they like what they see. It also looks as if the scales might finally be tipping in a pro-family direction on homosexuality. This should be very encouraging news to all of us involved in the culture war. We must continue to pray, love, persuade and act until our entire American culture returns to a biblical view of sexuality.”


Wildmon added that, according to the survey, in 2016, 63% of millennials considered themselves “allies” of the LGBT movement. But that number fell to 53% in 2017 and plunged to 45% last year. Today, 36% of millennials are not comfortable when they learn a family member is homosexual—up from 29% a year ago—perhaps because they are observing the abnormalities associated with homosexuality up close. Additionally, a startling 42% of millennial males are uncomfortable learning that their child has had a lesson on LGBT history at school or has a homosexual teacher, up from 27% just two years ago.


The pro-homosexual CEO of Harris Poll stated: “These numbers are very alarming.”


AFA’s Vice President of Operations Walker Wildmon added that the survey results show that young Americans should not be written off as “lost” to the culture war.


“This study is actually refreshing for a change, and it’s showing that really the homosexual agenda and the sexual deviancy advocates have overplayed their hand,” he said. “They’ve been pushing this sexual deviancy so much that your average person, even though not religious or Christian, is getting tired of it—tired of being told that homosexuals and transgender individuals have special rights beyond what the Constitution provides.”


OneNewsNow, the news division of AFA, recently reported that Oregon has become the fifth state to require that pro-LGBT lessons be taught in schools. Meanwhile, parents in California have taken a stand against similar lessons being taught in their state by keeping their children home in protest. For example, a second-grade lesson informs students that NASA astronaut Sally Ride is a lesbian.


“We need to take this and use it as a winnable war moment, proving that the propaganda from the liberals eventually has its stopping point,” Walker Wildmon added. “We have to continue as Christians and conservatives to promote sexual normalcy and traditional marriage as the building block of society.”


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