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American Family Association Signs a Thank-You Letter to President Trump and Hopes More Christians Will, Too

Thursday, January 16, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

TUPELO, Miss.—To mark Thursday’s Religious Freedom Day, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to expand “constitutional prayer” in public schools—a move applauded by many Christian organizations, including American Family Association (AFA,

 AFA President Tim Wildmon shared with AFA’s 1 million friends and supporters on Thursday that he signed a thank-you letter to President Trump, and he hopes more Christians will, too.

 “With the constant bashing of President Trump by the left-wing media and liberal politicians, it is good to be reminded of the accomplishments his administration has made to advance conservative principles,” Wildmon said. “I was asked if I wanted to sign a letter thanking the president for his hard work on behalf of the American people and for keeping his promises on so many issues. I said YES! As president of AFA, I am particularly thankful for what the president has done on issues such as the pro-life cause, appointing good judges and standing for religious freedom. So, I gladly signed the letter.”

 Read the letter here and sign AFA’s petition to join America’s conservative leaders in thanking President Trump and his administration for their tremendous achievements during his first three years as president.

 “I also encourage Christians to pray for President Trump every day,” Wildmon added. “I’ve never seen such hatred for a president like the kind the media and ‘progressive’ elites have for President Trump. It’s otherworldly, really. If I can use a biblical term, it’s spiritual warfare. While he has his flaws—as we all do—I know he loves our country and has surrounded himself with many fine patriotic Christians who only want to advance freedom and honor God with their actions and decisions.”

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