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American Family Association will never waver!

Friday, November 16, 2018 @ 1:39 PM American Family Association will never waver!
Learn how you can partner with AFA in accomplishing two worthy goals

We are clearly in the midst of great spiritual warfare in our nation. The anti-God forces of secularism are going for the jugular in an unprecedented push to overthrow the Judeo-Christian foundations of America. We cannot – and will not – let that happen. The secular left continues to use mob tactics and lawlessness to intimidate and silence those who defend the Constitution and the principles of biblical righteousness, but AFA remains on the frontlines, resisting the onslaught.

But AFA will never waver!
Please, take a look at this summary of 2018 AFA accomplishments. I think you will see that we are both battling and building. Like the men of Nehemiah's day, we fight godlessness with a sword in one hand, while rebuilding the foundations of our Republic with a trowel in the other.

As you'll see in this brochure, one way AFA is helping to re-establish those founding principles is by creating unique resources to help Christians pass along the truth to the next generation. See below for how you can get one such new resource.

Jesus commanded Christians to love their enemies – that's why we aren't verbally and physically attacking those with whom we disagree. Yet, in the midst of leftist aggression, we must expose and resist wicked and foolish ideas, and restore and rebuild the moral foundations that honor God and lead to blessing for America.

Here's how you can partner with AFA in accomplishing these two worthy goals:

  • Keep AFA on your regular prayer list during 2019. This is God's work, and our deepest desire is to do it God's way. Please pray that every day we would rely on the wisdom of God rather than our own.
  • Keep AFA strong and nimble going into 2019. Like most ministries, AFA needs a healthy Christmas giving season to sustain our efforts in the coming year.
  • Stay informed and active by listening to American Family Radio, reading the AFAJournal and by your involvement in all AFA platforms.
  • Use our printed and digital resources in your church, your family, and your personal study.

The Mystery of Granddaddy Meek.
Speaking of resources, the book I'm offering in this letter is the first in a series of children's books written especially for AFA supporters. We commissioned this series from a talented young writer, Whitney White, herself a long time supporter of our ministry.

It tells the story of a brother and sister who spent part of their summer vacation with their great-grandparents. The treasures they find in an old chest results in deep and abiding lessons about those who have secured for them a godly heritage of life and liberty. The Mystery of Granddaddy Meek, reminds me of my grandparents – and I think it will remind many of yours, too. I will never forget their input into my life. May we never forget the impact of the "Greatest Generation!"

If you've been impacted by the ministries and resources of AFA, we invite you to partner with us by making a year-end gift. With your generous donation to AFA, I want to send you a copy of this beautifully illustrated, hardbound book.

Our God is patient and merciful. I'm convinced that just as He spared Sodom for a time because there were righteous people living there (Genesis 18), He has withheld His judgment on America because of the presence of a Christian remnant in our nation.

For the sake of generations to come...let us use the time we have remaining to both battle against godlessness and rebuild the moral foundations of our nation.

Partner with AFA today with your generous donation!

I also hope you will see that in appreciation and respect for your partnership, we are stewarding your gifts well.

For your faithfulness in the past and in the future, you have my deepest gratitude.


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