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Stand with the Covington High School students

Thursday, January 24, 2019 @ 7:34 AM Stand with the Covington High School students
What has happened to the teenage boys and their families is absolutely outrageous!

What has happened to the teenage boys and their families at the Covington (Kentucky) Catholic High School is absolutely outrageous! By now you've seen the story in the news where the students, after attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C., were waiting on their bus at the Lincoln Memorial.

While waiting they were taunted by a handful of people from a group called the "Black Hebrew Israelites," who shouted obscenities and hurled insults at the boys from CCHS. Then a man named Nathan Phillips, 64, a Native American, walked into the middle of the group of students. He got within a foot of student Nick Sandmann and began to bang a drum in his face. The youngster just stood there and smiled, not knowing what else he should do. He was not blocking Phillips from going anywhere.

Stand with the Covington High School students. Sign our petition!

In fact, it was Phillips who walked up and placed himself inside the boys' circle. Yet, a photo of Phillips and Sandmann, standing face to face, appeared on the Internet with stories claiming that the boys had surrounded this innocent, elderly, Indian veteran and harassed and mocked him. The liberal (and some conservative) media immediately condemned Sandmann and his classmates as racists. However, a longer video later surfaced showing that the boys did nothing wrong! It was the 64-year-old Phillips who instigated the incident.

These boys' lives have been changed forever. They have been vilified. Their families have received death threats. They've been forced to hire an attorney to protect themselves from further slander. AFA wants to show these young men that we stand with them in their INNOCENCE. Please join us in standing with them with your prayers and your support.

AFA is going to donate $10,000 to the legal fees incurred by the students as they defend their names and honor.

Sign our petition and we will make sure that these courageous students hear from you. (At the time of this writing, the school's website and Facebook pages had been shut down.)

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