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Meeting the Creator

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 @ 02:21 PM Meeting the Creator ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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My family and I recently had the rare opportunity to go to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. This was a trip my husband and I had dreamed of taking our children on, but never had the extra funds available. A precious couple from our church knew we needed a breather from life and asked us to go with them on their vacation. You know people love you when they are willing to take three boys under the age of eight on a nine hour trip for five days!

The timing of this trip was divinely inspired. Our children are home-schooled and for several weeks prior to the trip, we had been studying the Answers in Genesis Curriculum for Kids. Each day we study the program’s text and Bible passages; watch the videos on the website; and complete the workbook pages. We’ve recently learned the 7 C’s of History and studied the first C, Creation, in depth. We have loved every minute and learned far more than I expected. We were thrilled to be able to actually bring their studies to life on this “field trip,” as my boys called it.

From the moment we entered the museum, we were amazed by its beauty and magnificence. The information was interesting and thought provoking for all age levels and the exhibits were crafted with incredible detail. The Bible characters and creatures seemed to come to life before our eyes. We felt like we were truly standing in the Garden of Eden.

After lunch in the museum, I thought I caught a glimpse of Mr. Buddy Davis, who we watch on the Answers in Genesis videos at home. He leads Creation workshops for kids at the museum and is a very talented singer/songwriter, adventurer, and “paleo-artist.”  I pointed him out to my oldest son who bravely approached him and introduced himself. We were able to thank him for his work and take pictures with him. My kids and I were ecstatic. We never dreamed we’d meet Mr. Buddy Davis. Our year had been made and we didn’t think the experience could possibly get any better.

And then it happened…

A group of about 10-12 well-dressed men and a security guard walked through the center of the crowded dining hall into the same exhibit we were headed toward. Leading the men was none other than Mr. Ken Ham!

Now I must admit, I was a bit star struck. I excitedly pointed him out and hustled my family together and we followed his crew from a respectful distance behind. I couldn’t believe it was actually him. I wanted so badly for my children to meet him and thank him for his work and faithfulness. I wanted them to say they shook the hand of the man who wrote the program they study. However, meeting him seemed impossible. He was surrounded by his crew and was clearly very busy.

We tailed them through the dinosaur exhibit, and then into the insect exhibit. My kids were fascinated by the bugs and bigger than life dinosaurs, but I didn’t notice a single thing in either room. My eyes were fixed on this brilliant man. The president, CEO, and founder of Answers in Genesis, The Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter was only a few feet from us. The author of over thirty books, who stepped out in faith as a young man and dedicated his life to bringing biblical truths to millions, was standing in the same room with us showing the group around him specific things. They were listening intently and taking it all in. Strangely enough, within that tiny room filled with tourists, no one but us and his crew were attentive to his words. His distinct voice could clearly be heard above the noise, and everyone just brushed right passed him.

We exited the exhibits and headed back through the busy dining hall. Still, no one noticed Ken Ham…the Ken Ham who is on the videos shown at the museum. These people had seen evidences of his life’s work all around them throughout their day, yet they did not even recognize him.

 As we continued behind his crew up the stairs to the gift shop, we walked by life size pictures of him hanging on the walls and still no one looked twice at him.

My youngest son had been walking with me and spotted his picture on the wall and said, “That’s really him up there, Mama!”

I replied enthusiastically, “I know! It’s awesome. I wish you could tell him your 7 Cs!”

Upon entering the gift shop filled with books written by Ken Ham, everyone continued to go about their business- never even realizing one of the most sought after Christian speakers in the world was standing just a few feet away. Many were holding or purchasing his books and had no idea he was standing amongst them. A man who has endured criticism and debated the toughest atheists to defend the Bible was there in person, but no one seemed to care. I wondered how he must feel.

As I observed him and the distracted people all around, I thought about Jesus while He lived on Earth. The Savior of the world and Creator of the universe walked among the people of His time and yet most never looked twice. The only things that usually set Him apart, like Mr. Ham, were His disciples surrounding Him and the distinct wisdom and love in His voice as He spoke. His precious words would be printed in the living, breathing Bible; however, the numerous people who could have heard Him speak those very words rejected him or never took the time to listen.

Now, obviously by this time, the security guard had noticed how long we had followed and how deep in thought I was as I stared a hole through Mr. Ham. The guard had a very cautious look on his face and kept turning to look at us. To avoid trouble with the guard, we began to walk around Mr. Ham’s group as soon as we had the chance.

 My hopes of meeting Mr. Ham diminished as we were walking by him. I sadly looked at my young son and said, “Well, that was our last chance. I don’t think we’ll get to meet him. I wanted you to show him what you learned.”

Before I knew it, my courageous boy let go of my hand, walked right up to Mr. Ham, extended his hand and said, “Your name is Mr. Ham. I know my 7Cs of History.”

The men around him looked stunned. The security guard looked to Mr. Ham, unsure of what to do. Mr. Ham shook my son's hand with no hesitation and in his beautiful Australian accent said, “Well, hello young man. Where are you from?”

The baby of our family confidently replied, “America!”

Mr. Ham smiled. His men laughed. We all laughed. This was only our second vacation and apparently my son felt like we had ventured far from home.

Again he said fearlessly, “I know my 7Cs of History.” He, too, wanted to show how much he had learned. Unbothered by the laughing, he continued, “Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, and the Cross. Consummation is the last C…those are the 7Cs of History!”

All of a sudden, Mr. Ham, along with several of his crew, whipped out their phones. “That was perfect! Can you repeat that for me?” Mr. Ham asked.

They videoed him as he flawlessly recited the 7Cs once more. Everyone cheered for him. Mr. Ham gave him a signed book, took a picture with him, and asked him again where he was from. Again my son replied with pride, “America!”

This whole experience reminds me of Mark 10:13-16. People brought their children to see Jesus in hopes that He would bless them. The disciples surrounding Jesus scolded the parents for bothering Jesus. Jesus was upset with them and said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.” Then He took the children in His arms and blessed them.

The men with Mr. Ham were very nice and never treated my son as if he shouldn’t speak to him, yet they did seem caught off guard by his persistence. Once Mr. Ham welcomed him, they all welcomed him. When Mr. Ham embraced him he certainly blessed that little boy, as well as the rest of us. We are blessed to have his curriculum, blessed to have Christian attractions to bring our family to learn more about the Bible, and blessed that he took time out of his busy day to pay attention to a five-year-old boy who thinks he hung the moon- in the Planetarium. We are tremendously grateful for this encounter with Mr. Ham.

As amazing and remarkable as the founder and creator of the museum is, he is only a man and it is not likely that he will remember our names or even this experience that we will treasure. But how blessed we are that the Creator, the one Mr. Ham and I both serve, knew our names from the beginning. We are His treasure and although He is the Almighty, Infinite God; the Beginning and the End; the Maker of the mountains and the Designer of the deep; the Rock of our salvation and the Judge no man’s wisdom will ever surpass…the Founder of our faith will remember us. 

Father, give me eyes to always recognize You as I see Your handiwork all around. Give me faith to study to show myself approved and boldly seek out THE CREATOR!

 Below are some pictures taken with Mr. Davis and Mr. Ham



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