The Personal Sins of Planned Parenthood

The Personal Sins of Planned Parenthood

Rebecca Davis | 8/4/2015 3:09:59 PM

Two particular sins are at the center and heart of the Planned Parenthood money-for-organs-and-tissue debacle.

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AFA Engages Millennials

Teddy James | 8/4/2015 1:59:58 PM

Introducing a new ministry at AFA designed to minister to and equip the age group known as "Millennials."


What Ben Carson Should Have Said...

Bryan Fischer | 8/4/2015 10:37:46 AM

Social conservatives running for President ought to be more prepared to answer the inevitable biblical questions.


The Truth About Abortion

Walker Wildmon | 8/4/2015 10:03:59 AM

As the American taxpayer is forced to continue to fund the butchers of Planned Parenthood it is time to hold the politicians accountable.


Judge Not

Jessica Webb | 8/3/2015 2:40:16 PM

Spiritual discernment does not violate Christ's admonition to refrain from judging others.

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Huffington Post Proves Sexual Orientation Is a Choice. Oops.

Bryan Fischer | 8/3/2015 10:54:57 AM

Huffington Post gives powerful evidence that sexual orientation is a lifestyle choice.

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