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The ALS Challenge kills babies

The ALS Challenge kills babies

8/20/2014 8:40:55 AM | Kevin McCullough

Everyone has seen video after video (on social media) of friends, family, and colleagues taking the #IceBucketChallenge for the ALS Association research foundation.


Nine Things to NOT Consider When Determining What's Right or Wrong

8/20/2014 9:32:45 AM | Dr. Alex McFarland

The person who desires to walk with Christ will experience challenges big and small, significant and trivial. The following is a list of nine things not to consider when determining what is right or wrong.


Feeling Overwhelmed? Keep reading...

8/19/2014 2:00:20 PM | John Riley

God was saying to me, stop recalling all the bad stuff and start remembering My faithfulness, mercy and love. God was clearly telling me that I could trust and hope in Him.


Ferguson proves the Bible is right

8/19/2014 10:07:17 AM | Bryan Fischer

“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” Good advice for everybody, including the press, Eric Holder, the governor of Missouri and the president of the United States.


Homosexuals are broken people, too

8/19/2014 7:42:15 AM | Ed Vitagliano

Are we not all broken in small and large ways? As a fallen race, isn't there a web of characteristics about us all that doesn’t reflect the way God designed us?


What is going on in America these days?

8/18/2014 2:22:34 PM | Jim Stanley

More than that I think we need to get our churches involved in street ministry again. Go to where the hurting and the homeless are. Go to where the blues clubs are and offer an alternative.

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