From Darkness Into Light Part 2

From Darkness Into Light Part 2

Ray Rooney, Jr. | 5/28/2015 2:44:24 PM

The second installment of a blog series that focuses on God's people in the midst of darkness.


'Lucifer' Coming to Fox

Tim Wildmon | 5/28/2015 1:32:51 PM

FOX has plans to air "Lucifer", a new series which will glorify Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh.


Marriage Licenses and the Pastor's Signature

Bryan Fischer | 5/28/2015 11:14:59 AM

Getting religion out of marriage is not a viable solution to the gay marriage problem.


Documentary Saves Documentarian

Rebecca Davis | 5/27/2015 2:30:48 PM

Filmmaker Brian Ivie shares how the making of The Drop Box changed his life.

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Nebraska & the Death Penalty

Bryan Fischer | 5/27/2015 11:23:15 AM

Fischer addresses the difficult issue of Christianity and capital punishment.


Thank You!

Wesley Wildmon | 5/27/2015 10:48:42 AM

I want to thank everyone who has stood and continues to stand with AFA!

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