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Target's store policy endangers women and children by allowing men to frequent women's facilities.
The Shame of Singing Louder

The Shame of Singing Louder

Bert Harper | 9/26/2016 12:56:34 PM

Today Nazi death camps are tourist attractions where people can get a first hand look at the Jewish holocaust. In the future, will Planned Parenthood facilities be toured by those who want a close up look at the unborn holocaust?


Join the National Life Chain Sunday, October 2

Buddy Smith | 9/23/2016 2:53:37 PM

Make plans to support and attend a Life Chain next Sunday. The nation's unborn are counting on you.


Obama Shreds What's Left of First Amendment

Bryan Fischer | 9/23/2016 12:50:24 PM

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights just published a new document that effectively destroys religious freedom in America.


Where Do We Look for Justice?

Abraham Hamilton III | 9/23/2016 9:59:36 AM

Abraham Hamilton, III shares his thoughts and heart about the issues facing the black community in a fallen world.


When a Culture Rebels Against God

Tim Wildmon | 9/22/2016 2:22:45 PM

North Carolina's rough road is not because of HB 2 but Romans 1:28.


The Atheist and His Metal Detector

Dr. Frank Turek | 9/22/2016 9:20:47 AM

Atheists who rely exclusively on science for information on reality are like a man denying the reality of plastic because his metal detector can't find any even though there are plastic parts on his metal detector.

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