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"Worst Person in the World?"

"Worst Person in the World?"

7/30/2014 1:29:24 PM | Tim Wildmon

The progressive movement is out to destroy our country as it has existed.


Schizoid Court Orders Every State to have an Abortion Clinic

7/31/2014 8:18:15 AM | Bryan Fischer

This court has now issued an edict that every single state in the union must have at least one operational baby butcher shop as a matter of constitutional obligation.


A Mother's Prayer a Father's Answer

7/30/2014 2:08:16 PM | Anne Reed

The lives of two tiny babies, one in her womb and one in a hospital in Florida, were in grave danger. But they were hers, and she would fight for them.


In the End, It Will Be Impeachment Or the Ruin of America

7/30/2014 8:37:13 AM | Bryan Fischer

In the end, Republicans will have absolutely no other alternative if they wish to keep this president from transforming this once great nation into a banana republic.


An Ezekiel Generation

7/29/2014 3:44:02 PM | Ray Rooney, Jr.

And yet the calling which spans chapters two through three is laden with guarantees of trouble and even failure

lethal injection.jpg

Capital Punishment Is Biblical and Constitutional

7/29/2014 8:31:07 AM | Bryan Fischer

Simply put, then, the death penalty is both biblical and constitutional, and should be carried out swiftly once due process has been observed.