Lenten Devotionals with Ray Pritchard
The Atheist and His Metal Detector

The Atheist and His Metal Detector

Dr. Frank Turek | 3/27/2015 4:06:53 PM

Christian apologist address the irrationality of atheism.


The Reckless Human Rights Campaign

Randy Sharp | 3/27/2015 1:38:33 PM

Blogger points out HRC hypocrisies.


A & E Reality Show Trashes Faithfulness

Monica Cole | 3/27/2015 10:42:08 AM

'Neighbors With Benefits' is Breaking Up Its Families In New Show


Dear Ms. Ali: the Islamic "Reformation" Has Already Happened

Bryan Fischer | 3/27/2015 8:55:47 AM

Why calls for an Islamic reformation are useless.


Relativism: Bad for Society

Walker Wildmon | 3/27/2015 8:21:46 AM

Relativism is contradictory and dangerous.


Whose Approval Do You Seek?

Ray Rooney, Jr. | 3/26/2015 4:04:27 PM

The hunger for approval can lead down some harrowing paths.

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