1956: Life Covers Deaths

1956: Life Covers Deaths

Rusty Benson | 8/27/2015 1:25:09 PM

A reminder that Christian faith and practice isn't always centered and focused on this world and life.


Whoa. Obama Cracks Down on Gay Sex

Bryan Fischer | 8/27/2015 11:26:16 AM

Why would the President crack down on a behavior he has endorsed? Bryan Fischer offers a possible reason.


Ashley Madison Is Not a Duggar Problem

Meeke Addison | 8/27/2015 9:53:46 AM

Joshua Duggar may be bearing the brunt of the shame for his sexual immorality but he is not alone in the Church as one who has failed.


Urge Pedigree to Pull Sponsorship from 'Impastor'

Monica Cole | 8/26/2015 1:43:21 PM

Pedigree dog food helps keep 'Impastor' on the air.

gaysymbols.jpg (1)

Proof: People Aren't "Born that Way"

Bryan Fischer | 8/26/2015 1:09:41 PM

More scientific research points out that sexual orientation is a choice.


Build Room for More!

John Riley | 8/26/2015 9:37:26 AM

Help make the dream and hope of expanding Children's Home and Orphanage in Southeast India a reality!

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