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It’s impossible for a student to violate the First Amendment!

It’s impossible for a student to violate the First Amendment!

8/21/2014 10:01:53 AM | Bryan Fischer

High school senior Kendra Turner was suspended for saying “Bless you” when a fellow student sneezed in class. Not for saying “God bless you,” mind you, but simply “Bless you.”


Do you need some good news?

8/21/2014 1:41:01 PM | Bert Harper

Just as the Ebola virus was defeated, so was sin defeated in their lives so they could go to dangerous places with confidence of God’s presence and power.

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What's important? What makes it important?

8/21/2014 7:35:33 AM | Jim Stanley

Why are the top videos on You Tube, and other trending stories, about the funny or silly side of life? Personally I think it’s because we all try to escape the reality of what’s going on in our own lives. Even if it’s just for 35 seconds.

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Summer Snow Theatrical Release Surpasses Expectations

8/20/2014 2:39:46 PM | Kendra White

On opening night alone, the film superseded its expectations for tickets sales for the entire week with multiple showtimes selling out completely and additional showtimes and screens being added.


How a Christian nation should respond to ISIS

8/20/2014 10:44:16 AM | Bryan Fischer

ISIS warned America, “We will drown all of you in blood.” There is no ambiguity in that threat. They punctuated their declaration by sawing the head off infidel American journalist James Foley and posting the video for everyone in the U.S. to see.


Nine Things to NOT Consider When Determining What's Right or Wrong

8/20/2014 9:32:45 AM | Dr. Alex McFarland

The person who desires to walk with Christ will experience challenges big and small, significant and trivial. The following is a list of nine things not to consider when determining what is right or wrong.

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