• Bible

    When God Looks Bad

    Stacy Long | 2/5/2016 1:50:49 PM
    That angry Old Testament God? He's really quite filled with mercy and grace if you care to look a little closer.
  • Election

    Electing a President Who Will Promote Revival

    Bryan Fischer | 2/5/2016 11:01:43 AM
    Is it important for the next president to promote spiritual renewal?
  • Church

    Life Is Hard. Shall I Quit?

    Ray Rooney, Jr. | 2/5/2016 8:39:18 AM
    Is there any reason to keep trudging along in life as a Christian when nothing ever seems to change?
  • Government

    Gambling and Government

    Kerby Anderson | 2/4/2016 1:09:39 PM
    When it comes to gambling, government is the big winner.
  • The Culture War

    Contact Sponsors for 'Lucifer'

    Monica Cole | 2/4/2016 8:25:51 AM
    Fox's misrepresentation of the devil along with graphic scenes of violence as well as soft porn make it inappropriate viewing.
  • Sanctity of Life

    Study: Churchgoers Chose Abortion

    Anne Reed | 2/3/2016 11:10:25 AM
    Research reveals the need for local churches to foster a loving environment for women in crisis pregnancy.
  • Election

    Cruz: What Unapologetic Conservatism Sounds Like

    Bryan Fischer | 2/3/2016 10:53:24 AM
    Ted Cruz is saying exactly what evangelical Christian voters have been longing to hear from a candidate for president for a long time.
  • The Culture War

    Pastors and Politics

    Bert Harper | 2/3/2016 9:38:11 AM
    With America's future at stake it is time to call for a new breed of Black Robe Regiment pastors to lead the Church into battle.
  • The Culture War

    Who Creates Culture?

    Abraham Hamilton III | 2/2/2016 3:26:16 PM
    There is no question that culture has changed dramatically in the last few decades for the worse. This blogger believes that only the power of the Gospel can turn it around.
  • Fatherhood

    Make Sure You Love On Momma

    Jim Shempert | 2/2/2016 10:49:10 AM
    The process of building a successful family ultimately depends on maintaining a strong marriage.
  • Election

    AFA Releases Presidential Voter Guide

    Rob Chambers | 2/1/2016 1:44:19 PM
    The AFA Presidential Voter Guide reveals candidates past votes, who they have given money to, from whom they have received money, and where they stand on critical issues.
  • Media

    What We Can Learn from Star Wars

    Stacy Long | 2/1/2016 11:35:31 AM
    The new Star Wars movie contains elements applicable to sharing the Christian faith.