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Shelter From the Storm

Shelter From the Storm

9/1/2014 7:28:36 PM | Diane O'Neal

Are you weary of getting soaked by the financial storms of an uncertain market?


How to Unite a Divided Country

9/1/2014 11:30:44 AM | Teddy James

America is a country divided.


The Most Powerful Weapon Against Suicide

8/31/2014 2:00:34 PM | Joseph Parker

Suicide is an extreme tragedy from many different angles.


The Answer to Crime Among Young Black Males

8/29/2014 2:59:09 PM | Tim Wildmon

Does a stereotype only become racist when it is negative?


Here Lies Rusty Benson

8/29/2014 11:49:50 AM | Rusty Benson

However death comes, someone has to deal with it without falling apart, and well, that’s what farm families do.


Follow Christ

8/29/2014 10:33:40 AM | Rob Gardner

Are you going to be a follower of Christ?

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