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Sponsors of 'Black Jesus' Take Heed

Sponsors of 'Black Jesus' Take Heed

9/17/2014 3:10:33 PM | Monica Cole

In our campaign concerning the program "Black Jesus," none of the sponsors 1MM contacted returned for either airing of the most recent episode.


The First Amendment: We Hardly Knew Ye

9/17/2014 8:51:46 AM | Bryan Fischer

The First Amendment has been shredded, twisted and distorted beyond recognition and possibly beyond repair by activist courts


The Coming Election

9/17/2014 7:46:44 AM | Bryan Fischer

if Democrats retain control of the Senate, President Obama will have two more years to pack the federal bench with radical leftist judges.


The Blessings of Bacon

9/16/2014 1:05:32 PM | Bryan Fischer

Why are we are free to openly sell and serve bacon and all kinds of pork products, when they are verboten where kosher and halal law is in force?


Is There Hope?

9/16/2014 11:54:16 AM | Dan Celia

. . . Our economy is not likely to begin to be fundamentally sound again until we see some real leadership in Corporate America and in Washington DC.


Cross On a Helmet?

9/16/2014 10:03:13 AM | Bryan Fischer

Some nameless attorney got offended and called the school to complain.

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