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Target's store policy endangers women and children by allowing men to frequent women's facilities.
Ask Fruit of the Loom to Pull Support from 'Dating Naked'

Ask Fruit of the Loom to Pull Support from 'Dating Naked'

Monica Cole | 7/27/2016 11:04:05 AM

Join One Million Moms in asking Fruit of the Loom to pull its financial support from "Dating Naked," a trashy reality show on VH1 that targets teens.


Radical Islam and Immigration

Tim Wildmon | 7/27/2016 10:31:14 AM

Abraham, Tim, and Ed discuss radical Islam and immigration.


Hold ‘The Loud House’ Sponsor Accountable

Monica Cole | 7/27/2016 10:18:24 AM

AFA and One Million Moms are asking you to hold Toys 'R' Us accountable for sponsoring "The Loud House," the first Nickelodeon show in history to feature a same-sex married couple.


Is Hillary Clinton Trustworthy?

Tim Wildmon | 7/26/2016 3:28:54 PM

Tim, Ed, and Abraham discuss the trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton.


Ordinary Grace

Rusty Benson | 7/25/2016 12:30:49 PM

What does the announcement of Paul Simon's retirement have to do with a book written by seminary professor Michael Horton? This blogger discusses how God connects the two in his life to make a profound spiritual application.

Loving Your Neighbor PHOTO.jpeg

Loving Your Neighbor Well

Stacy Long | 7/25/2016 11:20:48 AM

A trip to India gave this blogger a new perspective of what it truly means "to love your neighbor as yourself."

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