Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!
Target's store policy endangers women and children by allowing men to frequent women's facilities.
History of the United States Constitution

History of the United States Constitution

Walker Wildmon | 9/30/2016 1:30:24 PM

A brief but helpful history and explanation of our U.S. Constitution.


It's time to Impeach FBI Director Comey

Bryan Fischer | 9/30/2016 11:32:33 AM

The FBI Director's failure to uphold the law concerning Hillary Clinton makes him unfit to hold the position. He should be impeached ASAP.

blacklivesmatter.jpg (1)

What is the Number One Issue Affecting Black America?

Lonnie Poindexter | 9/30/2016 9:10:04 AM

Progressive policies continue to wreak havoc on the black community in America. The way forward is go from the perception of victim to overcomer.


To Care Is to Suffer

Meeke Addison | 9/29/2016 2:12:02 PM

Contending for holiness is usually unpopular and almost always costly. Is the Church still up to it?


What the Wedding Couple Cannot Promise Each Other

Joe McKeever | 9/29/2016 11:53:31 AM

A Christian marriage is far more than a promise to love as long as there remains happiness.


10 Examples of Men Abusing Target's Dangerous Policy

Tim Wildmon | 9/29/2016 9:40:15 AM

Unfortunately, the examples of what can happen because of Target's misguided bathroom/fitting room policy are beginning to pile up.

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